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Free (or cheap) things to do in Sydney - travel guide launched

Free (or cheap) things to do in Sydney offers travellers more than 40 activities and ideas to stretch their holiday budget further,

Free (or cheap) things to do in Sydney travel guide challenges the notion of holidaying on a budget and aims to help travelers enjoy their holiday in Sydney.

The e-book travel guide - created by Australia Trip Planner - includes around 40 different activities and ideas on things to do in Sydney, plus links to most of the activities. Some of the free and/or cheap things to do in Sydney include free guided tours of Sydney, the best beaches to visit, art galleries, museums, theme parks and markets, harbour foreshore walks, self-guided walking tours, and links to free downloadable maps, plus tips on how to travel around Sydney on a budget.

Lisa Murray, Director of Australia Trip Planner said: “According to Galaxy Poll research, a third of people don’t enjoy their holidays and they feel they had to compromise on where they holidayed and the type of holiday experience they had. 

“There is also an increasing trend in people being tired of planning their holidays so they’re choosing a packaged holiday instead. This is great if you want a package holiday, but if it’s a case of settling for what’s available and least stressful then that is yet another compromise that can tarnish your holiday.

“Your holiday should be as unique as you are. We work too hard and invest too much time, money and emotions into our holidays to not have a great time," she said.

Free (or cheap) things to do in Sydneygives people options without overwhelming them. The suggestions are an opportunity to scratch beneath the surface, meet the locals, and explore the town like a Sydney-sider.

“My advice is that your itinerary should have a key activity for each day, and this can be a combination of major highlight activities such as BridgeClimb, popular tourist attractions such as a harbour cruise, Taronga Zoo, hop on hop off cruise, plus some of the suggested free or cheap things to do in Sydney. We all holiday differently, so your itinerary should suit your individual holiday style."

Ms Murray said it is possible to plan a holiday without it being stressful. Websites such as Australia Trip Planner have great information, advice and easy-to-use search tools so you can explore what activities are available and how much money you need to budget.

Australia Trip Planner also creates customised holiday itineraries based on what cities they want to visit and for how many days, and the holiday activities they want to do. Each personalised itinerary offers a choice of recommended activities and all booking links, so people can book their activities directly and save time and money, and get the holiday that they want.

“Let’s face it, you already book a lot of your own accommodation and airfares online, so why not book some or all of your holiday activities? If you want flexibility and choice, Australia Trip Planner can help you plan and book your activities.”