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Geraldton Heights Estate and Redink Homes Midwest Donate $500,000 House and Land Package to Geraldton Charity

Developers of Geraldton Heights Estate announce unprecedented donation to Geraldton Charity, “Midwest Charity Begins at Home”.

Geraldton, WA, 27 March 2014 - On 14 March 2014, Geraldton Heights Estate and Redink Homes Midwest announced that they would be donating a house and land package worth over $500,000 to Midwest Charity Begins at Home (MWCBAH). The donation is the largest one ever given to MWCBAH. Everyone involved in the donation hopes that it sets a precedent for large donations to the charity and enables them to do even more good for their community.

Midwest Charity Begins at Home: a Quick Rise from Humble Beginnings

MWCBAH was established in 2008, shortly after Dr Ros Worthington held a successful Gala Dinner to raise funds for a cousin who had cancer. The cousin was a single mum who was struggling, trying to find resources with which to take care of her children. Dr Worthington called upon the Geraldton community to help her raise funds for the cousin with a Gala Dinner that succeeded beyond her most ardent hopes.

The success of the 2008 Gala Dinner for her cousin inspired Dr Worthington to form a committee with like-minded individuals from the Geraldton community. Dr Worthington was able to assemble a committee that works solely on a volunteer basis to raise funds for other people suffering from cancer or other debilitating illnesses to make ends meet.

As of this writing, MWCBAH  has raised approximately $1,072,000 to donate to families in the Geraldton and Midwest area during times of need. The donated home will be auctioned when it is finished; the projected finish date is near November. All concerned are hoping that the proceeds from auctioning the home takes MWCBAH  to an unprecedented level of financial resources, enabling them to provide for even more Geraldton and Midwest citizens with serious illnesses and overwhelming financial burdens.

What Makes MWCBAH a Unique Charity

MWCBAH is a unique charity in that it has raised over a million dollars with a fully volunteer staff and no expenses other than those involved in paying for the Gala Dinner. They have no office space and no paid staff. Everything is handled by volunteers who selflessly donate their time to help those in their community.

Their other main source of pride is that the charity has remained local. All monies collected go to families in Geraldton or somewhere in the Midwest area. Geraldton is a close-knit community and MWCBAH  sees themselves as “neighbours helping neighbours”. So far, 57 local families have received aid from MWCBAH, with numbers growing every year.

Why 4Land Property Group is Involved

Madeleine McErlain of 4Land Property Group is proud to be involved in donating the home to MWCBAH. According to Ms McErlain, “We love Geraldton and we feel fortunate to be in a position to help such a great charity provide assistance to citizens of Geraldton who are in need. The people of Geraldton have welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like a part of the family.”

Ms McErlain concluded, “We are happy to be able to give back to such a deserving community.”

Geraldton Heights Estate is a master planned community in Geraldton, overlooking the Indian Ocean. They are currently offering blocks for $129,000 in Stage 2 of the community for $129,000. Call their property team on (08) 9301 4445 for more information or visit their website: http://www.geraldtonheights.com.au/.