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A Well-Designed Pull-Up Banner Saves the Day

Firm providing promotional products in Perth reveals design tips for pull-up banners that have helped their customers maximise revenue.

Perth, WA, 7 April 2014 - You have probably seen them on beaches, sidewalks, or trade show floors. They often function as a de facto business sign for a new or small business. They are called “pull-up banners.” In a recent blog post, ImagePak Marketing, a Perth firm that offers customised pull up banners recently provided tips for maximising their impact.

Pull-up banners are considered a niche item by many, but they provide many benefits for those who use them. A pull-up banner can act as a temporary business sign for a new business or they can become a travelling business sign for an established business. They have become ubiquitous at trade shows and are almost a requirement in many industries.

Pull-up banners are popular because they are inexpensive and portable while providing the benefits of expensive business signs. But, according to Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, it is crucial that pull-up banners are designed correctly.

According to Mr Eaton, “At its best, a pull-up banner provides an inexpensive but professional solution for businesses who need signage but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. However, it is important to get the design right the first time. If it doesn’t look professional, you aren’t doing yourself or your business any favours.”

Tips for Professional Pull-Up Banner Design

In a recent blog post, Mr Eaton provided tips for designing a banner for maximum performance. He listed the message being conveyed as the most important factor. Professionalism and eye-catching graphics catch the eye, but it is the job of the message to keep the customer’s attention.

The headline is an important part of the message because it is what the customer reads first. Mr Eaton recommends that those who are trying to compose a message and headline for their business observe what other businesses are doing and gauge their effectiveness. Mr Eaton also recommends listing the most important benefit or benefits of a product or service on a banner.

The last part of the content should be the call to action. This is important because it gives the customer the opportunity to purchase or find out more about the product or service being promoted with the banner.

Maximising Results

According to Mr Eaton, a lot goes into creating an effective banner campaign: “Not only does the banner design need to be professional and well-executed, but it has to be well-conceived, too. There are a lot of factors that come into play, such as the target audience and the projected use for the banner. Is it going to be used in a trade show? Is it going to promote a service on the beach? A perfect banner has to fit in with the theme of the environment while standing out visually.”

Mr Eaton continued, “In addition, you have to know who your target market is and make the banner attractive to them. If your market is a demographic such as young people or the elderly, it is very easy to get a handle on what they will be attracted to and what they won’t.”

Mr Eaton concluded, “A pull-up banner can bring a lot of money into your business. but only if it’s done right.”

ImagePak Marketing provides a series of personalised promotional products in the Perth area. They offer many promotional items from small giveaways to branded apparel to signs and banners. For more information, please call (08) 92444 111 or visit their website: http://www.imagepak.com.au/.