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Brisbane Container Business Helps with Mosquito Eradication Efforts

Gateway Container Sales supports local councils in their pest control efforts with custom built dangerous goods containers

Brisbane, QLD, Australia - 28 April, 2014 Recent warm weather and rainfall has resulted in an outbreak of mosquitos in and around Brisbane. Gateway Container Sales & Hire have done their part to help the local Moreton Bay Regional Council & Brisbane City Council in their aerial spraying efforts.

The spraying effort targeted mosquito larvae so not to harm local wildlife and covered an area of at least 1700Ha of land. Two helicopters were used to ensure coverage.

Gateway Containers have provided four modified dangerous goods containers ranging from ten to twenty feet in size. These containers have been customised specifically for the purpose and Brisbane’s climate using a customised false roof for additional airflow and a cream, ceramic based paint from Insuladd to help keep the chemicals at a consistent temperature.

"Mosquitoes in Queensland are bad enough without the rain and heat. So we were more than happy to help out with a mass eradication effort!" said Roy Finnegan, General Manager, Gateway Container Sales & Hire.

Gateway’s dangerous goods containers conform to all national and state regulations as well as statutory regulations for the transportation and storage of dangerous goods. This allowed the Moreton Bay Regional Council to store their chemicals safely and securely while undertaking the aerial spraying programme.

Why are mosquitoes a public health risk?

Mosquitoes have been known to carry various diseases in Queensland including Dengue Fever, Ross River Fever and Barmah Forest Virus. Rarer mosquito borne illnesses include Murray Valley encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis and Malaria where outbreaks are caused after a mosquito has bitten an infected person, who has become infected overseas. Any cases should be referred to your local GP immediately.

What can local residents do to help?

Local residents can do their bit to prevent mosquitoes breeding in their back yards by removing sources of standing water such as buckets, tires or bird baths which allow larvae to breed. Special care should be taken to avoid mosquitoes around sunset including the use of DEET based repellents, burning mosquito coils or citronella candles.

About Gateway Container Sales & Hire:

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