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Turn analogue video into professional DVD

Bytezone helps users convert Analogue Video to DVD, before the recordings fade

Professional quality DVDs can be created straight from your computer or notebook with the Snazzi III USB2 Evo Edition. The video editing software allows you to take Analogue Video to produce a personal DVD, mini/cDVD, SVCD, VCD or Photo Album CD. Analogue Video stored to tape has a short lifespan of around 25 years which is further impacted by environmental factors. The conversion of Analogue Video recordings to a more durable format is vital if your precious memories are to be preserved.
The Snazzi III USB2 Evo Edition package captures Analogue Video, ready for editing on the computer and its subsequent burn to CD or storage on external hard-drive. Giving the creative edge whether converting holiday videos or producing business presentations, the professional chipset is combined with the industry's popular digital video creation software, including WinDVD 4 and Winproducer 3 DVD.
The quality of the end product is affected by the data transfer rates between the Analogue source and the computer. Good quality MPEG1 video can be achieved if your computer is USB1.1, however, for higher quality MPEG2 the computer needs to be USB2.0 equipped.
This is easily overcome by upgrading the computer with a Sunix USB2.0 PCI card or the notebook with a Sunix CardBus USB2.0 3 port adapter. Mobile computing specialist, www.bytezone.com.au is bundling the Snazzi product with a free Sunix PCI card or CardBus adapter, allowing you to achieve the USB2.0 transfer rates necessary for MPEG2.
From Capture to Burn
From Analogue capture to CD/DVD burn, the Snazzi III comes bundled with the following software:
Capturing Snazzi Movie Mill

Editing - Intervideo WinProducer 3 DVD

CD Burning Sonic MyDVD 3

Software player - Intervideo WinDVD 4
Set up
When connecting the components, Bytezone suggests the following configuration when downloading and editing the feed, so the Analogue source doesnt have to be right next to the computer:
1. Connect the Analogue source with RCA phono plugs or S-Video cable to the Snazzi adapter
2. Plug the Snazzi USB2.0 to the notebooks PCMCIA USB2.0 CardBus adapter or computers PCI card

Once produced, the large video files can then be written to CD/DVD or written to an external hard drive for storage. The PCMCIA CardBus adapter for notebooks has 3 USB2.0 ports, allowing the external hard drive and the Analogue Video to be connected at the same time.
The software is compatible with the Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP Operating Systems and requires a PIII 650MHz processor for MPEG-2 real time encoding and 64Mb of RAM.
The Snazzi III USB2.0 Evo Edition and Sunix USB2.0 PCI card or PCMCIA 3 port CardBus adapter are available from Bytezone at $695 including GST. The total RRP value of the bundle is $875.
For more information on these or other video editing and computing products, visit www.bytezone.com.au.