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$37.4 Billion NBN Rollout "A white elephant on a massive scale".

The Debt Levy is unnecessary!


"The debt levy" is unnecessary!

First it was going to cost $29.5 B and now it is expected to cost $37.4 Billion and has been described by the Coalition Government as "A white elephant on a massive scale" and by the E.I.U as "A huge cost to the public sector" and the entire NBN Board has been sacked!

WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW?  WHO KNOWS? It is for certain that money and LOTS OF IT has been spent and wasted.  How so- Well- there are in excess of one million premises in Australia not yet connected to the network and GET THIS - if you are more than six kilometres away from the transponder/ relay equipment YOU GET NOTHING OUT OF THE SYSTEM AT ALL!

This is Government waste of your money ( taxes you pay) at its worst. If the "I'm in again parties" want to reduce the national debt that is escalating by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of interest dollars every day they should stop dead further waste of public money on an inefficient network that was doomed to fail from the very beginning.

There is little doubt if wastage, duplication of services and other "Good- Idea" projects are terminated the National Debt would turn into a surplus and that would not involve THEIR POLICY OF TWENTY YEARS OF AUSTERITY!

ENOUGH ALREADY! Join my "Australia New Era Party" - RESIGN FROM "I'M IN AGAIN PARTIES" send me an email with "I wish to join" in the subject line to

ray.thyer@bigpond.com You have much to gain and nothing to lose. Don't send any money.

Australia is in your hands. Cheers Ray.