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Western Stainless Solutions Provides All-Encompassing Guide on Stainless Steel

Top stainless steel suppliers in Perth reveal the advantages and uses for this metal in many different fields.

Malaga, WA, 14 May 2014 - There are many different kinds of materials out on the market that manufacturers of various appliances and items can use to craft their goods. Among these, stainless steel emerges as one of the best for various sorts of construction and manufacturing of products in the Perth area and beyond. The reason for this lies in the fact that stainless steel has an incredible number of properties that make it unique among metals and highly desirable for food production, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and a lot more.
Stainless steel’s claim to fame resides mainly in what gives the metal its name: its ability to resist corrosion from heat and harmful chemicals. In addition, it is incredibly easy to clean, as opposed to other metals which can be difficult or may shed particles. Stainless steel is also malleable during its creation stages, which allows it to be customised to fit any desired item or situation. Moreover, unlike its carbon-based counterpart, stainless steel is completely recyclable, making it a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly option.
To provide more information on the nature of stainless steel and its practical applications, Paul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, a WA company dedicated to becoming the best stainless steel product manufacturer, speaks about on the subject, drawing upon years of experience.
“Stainless steel is a unique material that is multi-purpose and highly resilient, making it one of the most desired commodities in certain fields. However, this metal is not used in all situations, but is primarily utilised in special fields. Restaurants and other havens of food production use stainless steel in kitchen appliances and cutlery, as may the average home. Hospitals and medical centres also use stainless steel frequently because it is easy to clean and won’t be damaged by potentially hazardous chemicals. Different industries that use pipelines also tend to use stainless steel because it is so malleable when it is being forced and won’t be damaged by fluids that travel through them.”
He goes on to name and describe the different kinds of stainless steel and when each should be used.
“Austenitic is the most common form of stainless steel and it carries all of the properties essential for certain applications, such as production of kitchen utensils and pipework. By contrast, ferritic steel sacrifices some of its resistance to corrosion to be more ductile. Martensitic is the least resistant of the kinds, but it also tends to be the strongest and sharpest. For the tough jobs, duplex stainless steel offers the best of both worlds, being a hybrid of austenitic and ferritic types. Note that all of the differences in these steel forms lie in their crystal compound structure.”
Bartlett concludes by stating their company’s role in providing stainless steel for any kind of commercial or industrial purpose.
“At Western Stainless Solutions, we aim to provide only the best kinds of stainless steel to fit whatever need you have for it. We have experienced professionals ready to help you decide which kind of steel you should use and how to construct or order the item that you need. Never be afraid to call upon our knowledge in the field to help you answer any steel-related questions you may have.”
Western Stainless Solutions has been providing top quality stainless steel and installation practices to the Perth area for 30 years. For more information about them and their products, please call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: http://www.westernstainless.com.au/.