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Allergy Sufferers Find Relief with Green Planet Grass

Artificial grass manufacturer in Perth reveals why many Australians with grass allergies are turning to synthetic lawns.

Perth, WA, June 3, 2014 - For those who suffer from an allergy to grass, the experience of being outdoors is not nearly as enjoyable as it is for those who don’t. Those with grass allergies not only feel the effects of direct contact with grass, but also suffer when they breathe grass pollen.

Direct Contact

Direct contact with grass by someone who is allergic to it can cause urticaria or atopic dermatitis. Each blade of grass has barbs that stick out of it. These barbs contact the skin and cause the symptoms above, along with a lot of itching. Usually, the best way to obtain relief is to take an oral antihistamine, a bath or shower and change clothes.


During pollen season, those with grass allergies usually suffer the most, as grass is usually the pollen with the highest count. Grass pollen can cause sneezing, a runny nose and watery or itchy eyes. For those with asthma, pollen can induce an attack. Other than wearing a mask there isn’t a lot of defense against pollen.


Pets are subject to the same effects that their owners are. In addition, your pet can bring pollen from your lawn into your house. Pets can’t tell you if they are allergic or suffering, so you will have to watch them for itching, sneezing and wheezing after they have been outside.

Solving Grass Allergies with Artificial Grass

Many Australians are solving their grass allergy problems by installing an artificial lawn. Since artificial grass is made of yarn with a sand infill, they don’t stimulate a grass allergy. This allows homeowners to enjoy all of the benefits of having a soft, lush, manicured lawn 365 days a year without having to worry about allergies.

With an artificial lawn, not only are homeowners free from the risk of direct contact, but the grass pollen in the air is far less concentrated. In addition, they don’t have to worry about their pets bringing in grass or pollen from their lawns. Pollen season can still be somewhat problematic, but artificial grass can somewhat mitigate it and allow those with grass allergies to spend time out of doors without suffering.

Other Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass provides a host of benefits to homeowners. According to Justin Everley, Director of Green Planet Grass, “Synthetic grass is becoming a more common solution for those with grass allergies, but there are a lot more benefits to installing artificial grass. When we install Green Planet Grass, we use weed killer when we excavate and then we put a layer of 100% recycled fabric between the ground and the artificial grass. This keeps weeds from growing through the artificial grass, providing a huge added benefit to those who are allergic to any of the common weeds that grow in Australia.”

Mr Everley continued, “In addition, Green Planet Grass is very low maintenance. All you really need to do is keep it free of debris. If any organic material sticks to it, you can hose it down with water. If that doesn’t work, a mild soap usually does the trick. That means no mowing, seeding, weeding or watering.”

Green Planet Grass is an environmentally-responsible retailer and installer of artificial grass in Perth. They proudly carry the “Australian Made” label, with all products manufactured in Australia and offer custom solutions for your artificial grass needs. For more information, please call (08) 9209 2669 or visit their website: http://www.greenplanetgrassperth.com.au/.