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FEAL partners with La Trobe Financial on 2014 CIO & COO Awards

FEAL has partnered with La Trobe Financial for the next three years in operating the CIO & COO Awards and has announced the date for this year’s Awards ceremony. Tuesday, 11 November 2014 is set for the industry’s Annual National Awards for Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO). The Awards, established in 2011 by La Trobe Financial, a leading credit specialist Fund Manager, aim at recognising excellence and continued professional development in the superannuation industry.

The Awards are the only one of their kind and have proved to be very popular with industry participants, because they are personal and reward recipients with a study grant of $10,000 each. “The two of us working together felt like a natural fit” said FEAL CEO Joanna Davison, …”like the FEAL Fund Executive of the year Awards, the La Trobe Financial FEAL CIO & COO Awards will complement our current recognition of industry leaders”. These Awards recognise the important achievements of key executives responsible for the retirement savings of our fellow Australians.

FEAL will now takeover the running of the Awards with La Trobe Financial as lead Sponsor. The Awards cocktail format will be retained and will continue to benefit from the independent Awards Judging panel which includes Greg Bright as Awards panel Chair, Greg O’Neill (La Trobe Financial), Chris Page (Rainmaker), Jeff Bresnahan (SuperRatings), David Coogan (PwC), and Neil Cochrane (Chairman of FEAL).

Applications will open at the end of June and can be accessed through the FEAL website or www.CIOCOOAwards.com.au. 

The La Trobe Financial FEAL CIO & COO Awards are open to staff in like positions at fiduciary funds, including superannuation funds, government funds, statutory insurance funds, and multi-managers funds. Last year’s winners were Gerald Parlevliet, the CIO of the big corporate superannuation fund for Commonwealth Bank staff, Commonwealth Bank Group Super, who won Chief Investment Officer of the Year. The Chief Operating Officer of the Year was won by Graeme Arnott, the COO of the NSW Government fund, First State Super. The award ceremony was attended by over 150 industry participants.

Joanna Davison, CEO of FEAL said the FEAL Board is excited to be taking on the CIO & COO Awards as they believe these Awards are very important for industry. Davison stated “FEAL is proud to be able to take on these important Awards with La Trobe Financial and to see the Awards move to the next level. The Awards encourage decision makers to continue to pursue world’s best practice investment and operational strategies and processes
in our superannuation industry. The continually changing regulatory and investment environment present challenges for investment professionals, and the La Trobe Financial FEAL CIO & COO Awards recognise the important responsibility placed on CIOs and COOs in our industry.”

La Trobe Financial as lead Sponsor, will also sponsor the prize money of $20,000. Greg O’Neill, La Trobe Financial’s President & CEO stated “joining forces with FEAL was the right partnership for us, as FEAL has a special focus on recognising efforts made by decision makers looking after our retirement savings. It is clear to us that our retirement savings are in good hands, and from what we have seen over the past decade their performance has been exemplary and deserves recognition.”

The Awards will continue the same format and the winners will be announced at a cocktail party scheduled for Tuesday, 11 November 2014. Further announcements will be made shortly.

Visit http://www.latrobefinancial.com.au for more information.

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