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Miller Heiman, Huthwaite and Others Merge to Form MHI Global, the Largest Dedicated Sales-Performance Company in the World

Announcement posted by Taurus Marketing Pty Ltd 04 Jun 2014

MHI Global Targets the Over $100 Million Australian Sales-Performance Industry
Miller Heiman, Huthwaite and Others Merge to Form MHI Global, the Largest Dedicated Sales-Performance Company in the World

MHI Global Targets the Over $100 Million Australian Sales-Performance Industry

MHI Global expands capabilities, supports a holistic view of customer management, drives growth and increases customer-focused approaches for sales leaders.
SYDNEY, June 4, 2014 – Five sales-performance companies merge, launching MHI Global, the largest dedicated sales-performance company in the world. The proven methodology, expertise and measurable results of Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Impact Learning Systems and Channel Enablers consolidate as MHI Global, to provide businesses with an expanded approach, strategy and holistic view of the customer lifecycle - pioneering an estimated global $1.2 billion sales- performance industry. 
Martin Sparkes, Director, MHI Global says, “The merger will bring together the best global intellectual property and collective sales expertise to help clients grow & retain profitable sales. With almost 100 employed/contracted professionals in ANZ the combined brands work with many of the leading ASX companies including Banks, Telcos, Medical, Mining, Utility and Professional Services firms. Our goal is to be the key resource for sales leaders around the world and help empower growth for organisations by leveraging sales best practices developed by proven research.” 
Miller Heiman (Reno, Nev.) and its two divisions, Impact Learning Systems (Reno, Nev.) and Channel Enablers (Littleton, Colo.), acquired AchieveGlobal (Tampa, Fla.) and Huthwaite (Arlington, Va.), to form MHI Global (Littleton, Colo.) and expand on its vision of becoming the world’s key resource to all sales leaders.  Under Miller Heiman’s management team, the companies will operate independently, while led by a cohesive senior-executive team; keep their individual company names; retain local managing directors and teams; continue to partner with their individual customers; and expand their worldwide capabilities within the framework of MHI Global.  Collectively, more than 500 employees and contractors worldwide, in more than 40 countries, now deliver the voice of MHI Global, reporting to Sam Reese, CEO of MHI Global.
“Customer-based strategies are a competitive advantage during an economic turning point, and meaningful customer experiences are guiding every sale and purchasing decision,” said Sam Reese, CEO, MHI Global.  “More than ever, the need and demand for MHI Global - the only company with a complete suite of resources to improve sales performance and drive growth - became crystal clear.  And today, we are excited to launch our competitive business solutions, locally, nationally and globally.” 
“Through a combination of wisdom and innovation from five customer-focused companies, MHI Global has the collective experience to help sales leaders and organizations, from every industry, drive growth and stimulate customer-management excellence,” continued Reese.
As the largest dedicated sales-performance company in the world, MHI Global provides all of the key components of a multi-dimensional and interdependent sales system, based on the central belief that everything starts with the customer.  The company’s tagline and promise to empower growth signify its goal to help sales leaders optimize their time, effort and potential to better create and manage customer relationships, while achieving business goals.  MHI Global provides the following resources:
·         Core management strategies that help organisations create opportunities, manage customer relationships and improve the effectiveness and professionalism of every customer interaction;
·         Adjacent centers of excellence that offer solutions, such as leadership execution, customer service and channel sales;
·         Strategic analysis and decision-making tools; and
·         Proprietary research focused on understanding and codifying the best practices of the world’s top sales organisations.
“Through MHI Global, CEOs and sales leaders finally have access to the world’s most extensive knowledge base on how to drive customer-management excellence and growth,” added Reese.  “After all, customer experiences are steering the success of individual companies, both domestically and globally, and driving the business world today.”
MHI Global is a pioneer in sales performance, bringing game-changing insight to sales leaders worldwide. 
About MHI Global
MHI Global is a leading worldwide company devoted to improving sales performance and customer management excellence. Our unrivaled capabilities and solutions come from the combined expertise and experience of powerhouse brands that make up MHI Global – Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Channel Enablers and Impact Learning Systems.  Together these companies have taken an uncompromising stance that the best approach to every client engagement is one that is collaborative and is driven by each client’s specific needs and challenges.
Supported by the real-world experience of passionate sales practitioners, MHI Global brings in best-in-class expertise and practical experience to all aspects of the selling and customer management process. We work with organizations across all verticals, wherever they are in the world, to build and sustain customer-focused, high-performance organizations that can drive profitable, predictable top-line growth. For more information, visit www.MHIGlobal.com.

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