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Company Officials Can Now Be Held Responsible For The Workplace Health And Safety Of Their Employees

As of Monday the 2nd of June the ACT will be the first be the first jurisdiction to charge a senior company manager over the death of a worker in a workplace accident. Under new nationally occupational health and safety laws, the category two offence carries with it a maximum company fine of $1.5 million while an officer of the company can be fined $300,000!

Michael Booth, 48, was electrocuted while working for Kenoss Contractors in 2012, after his dump truck trailer touched power lines while he was offloading gravel. ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe investigated the accident found that the power lines were very low. He also said, “You have to question why the dump was put in such a location. They could have located it across the road well out of the reach of power lines.”

The contracting company in question, Kenoss Contractors, has since gone into involuntary liquidation. While in previous cases companies that went into liquidation were dissolved before reaching court, in this case, the senior company manager will still face charges regardless of what happened with Kenoss. The new occupational health and safety laws are designed to ensure that now senior managers and company officials can be directly liable for the safety of their employees.

The new legislation intends to send a strong warning to senior managers and officials about safety across all industries. Company officials and business owners need to be aware that they are now considered responsible for the work health and safety of their employees.

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