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Story Time For Kids Wows Toddlers Across Australia

Announcement posted by Teknowledge software 09 Jun 2014

Story Time For Kids, an innovative kids’ app, has started to make waves in the Australian market. Within a relatively short time-span, it has won rave reviews from parents, kindergarten teachers, and of course, the little ones.

It’s the new mobile app for kids that most parents of preschoolers in Australia are talking about. Within months of it being launched in the country’s online stores, the Story Time For Kids app has registered impressively high download figures. Toddlers are really loving it!

Story Time is the first Indian kids’ app in a very long time to be able to make a mark in the Australian market. Interestingly, the managers of Teknowledge Software (the developer company) has been quoted as saying that they were always confident of the app’s international success. The app has reportedly done very well in the United States too, and if it had failed Down Under - that would have been a surprise!

A survey at play schools in Sydney (conducted three days back) revealed the key causes of the amazingly quick spread of popularity of Story Time over there. The little students could not stop gushing over the sheer richness of the visual illustrations, images and the fun narration methods. The ‘Tap To Listen’ feature (for audio narration) has also received the thumbs-up from children. Most of them have loved the way in which classic fairytales have been revamped in this mobile storytelling app for kids too.

As per initial reports, kindergarten teachers across Australia have expressed their approval for the Story Time For Kids app as well. The application has a host of interactive features - ranging from crossword puzzles and word-making, to treasure hunts and origami. All of these enhance the value of Story Time as a fun educational app for kids as well. Noted academicians from New South Wales have confirmed that playing these interesting games on the app can indeed improve the analytical skills of children.

While kids have taken to Story Time in a big way, Australian parents have not been shy in downloading this free app for kids for their little ones. A study, conducted across three different states, revealed that one of the key reasons for the app’s popularity was the amazing range of digital storybooks available on it. Many of the parents stated that the original short stories for the app were even more interesting than the fairy tales. Parents have read about Story Time online, checked the reviews and feedback at app stores, before actually downloading it. Some of them even got in touch with Teknowledge Software via mail. After all, they had to be convinced about the appropriateness of the app!

The user-friendly navigations and controls of this engaging app for kids have gone a long way in making it a big hit in the country. In most Australian households, the lifestyle is busy - and parents do not generally have the time to constantly stay with their children while the latter are playing. Since the Story Time app can be operated by preschoolers with ease, the dads and moms have had one less thing to worry about. Guardians of little kids also singled out the reliable parental control features of Story Time For Kids for particular praise.

The app developers at Teknowledge feel that the availability of separate customized versions of Story Time (for the different mobile OS platforms) has helped too. Till now, it has gained maximum acceptance as an iPhone app for kids, while the Android version has not lagged too far behind either. Story Time has also been made available for Blackberry devices. The last-mentioned has not, however, made much of a ripple.

Parents and junior school teachers in Australia have unanimously agreed that no other existing kids’ app brings together reading fun and learning opportunities as beautifully as Story Time For Kids. When asked to mention the best feature of the app, an overwhelming majority of them referred to the ‘tap to listen’ feature. While reading the stories, kids can tap on any word, and listen to its correct pronunciation. A kids’ app that even adults have fallen in love with!

Story Time has already bagged multiple app awards in Asia. It has made a rocking start in Australia, and has every potential of emerging as the best iPhone and Android app in this country too.

Parents who wish to get more information on this mobile app for children can visit http://www.storytimeforkids.info/app/. The developers at Teknowledge can be contacted via email (info@teks.co.in) and/or by phone (+61-280385078). One thing’s for sure - the arrival of Story Time For Kids has given toddlers from Australia a fresh new reason to smile more!

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