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Artistic Timber Floors - Announce More Choice to Come in their Wooden Floor Products

As bamboo and laminate flooring are becoming more and more trendy these days, Artistic Timber Floors wants to provide their customers with the latest flooring types available on the market.

Bamboo floorboards are a great alternative to traditional hardwoods and new laminate (pre-engineered floorings) as they are quality floors and they also come from a "greener" and sustainable source.

This fast growing and renewable plant is regarded as a "green" and beautiful alternative to the traditional hardwoods nowadays. Bamboo flooring always comes prefinished with the use of environmentally friendly and solvent free polyurethane materials. These floorboards are easy to manufacture and only require a great knowledge of the plant processing.

As this is not a traditional hardwood but a plant, a few things need to be explained regarding bamboo floors. 


Its colour is usually quite light as beech wood which give it that nice look that goes quite well with Western Australian houses or decks. However if you are looking for a darker finish (like oak wood for example) you are not limited to light colours as it is easy to manufacture a darker bamboo flooring using carbonizing techniques which will make the wood softer on the Janka hardness rating scale.


This type of flooring is usually quite affordable compared to traditional woods as it can be found around 4$ to 8$ per square foot. It is also easy to install as it offers a wide variety of installation methods like nailing install (like traditional wood), floating install or glue-down installation. 


Apart from this, bamboo flooring as a lot of benefits when compared to other woods such as the following features: easy to install, water resistant, hard enough to resist in high traffic areas, resistant to staining and finally as a low allergy risk.


Artistic Timber Floors bamboo flooring range of products offers a natural bamboo finish for its customers who like the natural light-coloured look of the bamboo and a coffee style finishing offering a darker finish as a good alternative.


If you are looking for a nice flooring in your home we offer many timber species available, some of the most popular selections available are Jarrah, Blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak, Karri, Marri, Spotted Gum to name a few. We provide Perth with a comprehensive range of hardwood, bamboo and laminate floorings.

If you want to know more about the range of flooring available for Perth, please visit http://www.artistictimberfloors.com.au/