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Businesses Invited to Discover the Western Stainless Difference

Provider of bespoke stainless steel solutions for hospitality, health and other industries reveals what sets them apart from ordinary stainless steel suppliers in Perth.

Perth, WA, 16 June 2014 - In this day and age, many firms advertise their “difference,” but how many of those firms really separate themselves from their competition? One firm, Western Stainless Solutions, believes it has done just that.

Western Stainless Solutions provides bespoke stainless steel solutions for a number of industries, with applications for the hospitality, health and mining industries. In addition, they provide solutions for plenty of shop and commercial building applications.

But, according to Mr Paul Bartlett, Managing Director for Western Stainless Solutions, it isn’t the range of services alone that makes Western Stainless unique: it’s the way in which those services are delivered. Mr Bartlett feels that his firm’s commitment to providing unparalleled customer service is the key to separating them from the “pack.” 

“At Western Stainless, we know how important everyone’s projects are to them. We always ensure that all of our clients receive individualised service. We never forget that everyone we serve is important. We have a lot of clients, but it is always our goal to treat every client like they are the only one we have.”

Mr Bartlett continued, “We know that there is nothing more irritating or unsettling than trusting a firm for a big project, only to find out that we can never get them to answer emails or phone calls in a timely manner. That is never an issue for any of our clients, because we proactively check in with them throughout any project to ensure that they know everything is on schedule and to their specifications.”

The Process

Western Stainless has a process that virtually ensures satisfaction.


It starts with the consultation, in which one of their experts gets to know the client and their expectations. The purpose is to discuss the project and any materials or equipment that may be necessary to purchase during the process.


After all the information is compiled and a plan is developed, Western Stainless then has a representative deliver a proposal in person. This face to face meeting helps Western Stainless provide better service because they are able to answer any questions the client may have about items that are included in the proposal. They are also able to adjust the proposal on an ad hoc basis as needed during the meeting.


After the client approves the working plan, they sign a contract and discuss payment details. Arrangements are made for the deposit so that work can begin.


After payment arrangements have been made, it is time to schedule a start date and end date for the project, based on availability, access to materials and amount of work required.


As part of the handover process, the installation team visits the site and ensures that everything has been delivered and installed as planned. If any adjustments need to be made, they are arranged at this time.

Final Drawings

The last step is final drawings and sign off.

The Results

According to Mr Bartlett, the process always works well: “We have found that our process and commitment to customer service and quality work always results in customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in knowing that we don’t do ordinary work or ordinary installations. Ordinary is beneath our standards.”

Western Stainless Solutions provides bespoke stainless steel solutions for a wide range of industries, including the mining, health and hospitality sectors. For more information, please call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: http://www.westernstainless.com.au/.