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Stamp out Lost Property at Summer Camps

StrayHat helps parents locate lost camp items

11 million children will attend camp this northern summer, about 80% will lose something.This will cause a logistical problem for Camp Directors who will attempt to reunite lost property with their owners before the end of camp - and not after the kids have made it home!

StrayHat, the smart label app developer has created a solution that will reduce camp work, improve reclaim rates, save money and time for camp directors. The solution works equally well for parents, they can view the Lost Property inventory for the camp online, identify what is theirs and either reclaim the item before leaving or remind the child to pick it up. 

All the camp needs to do is attach a StrayHat label to the item, note any item specifics, add a photo if it helps and save the item details in the StrayHat app. A parent can search online at camps.strayhat.com for the item. On finding their item they can then reclaim the item from Lost Property and by using the StrayHat app they will remove the item from the online inventory and also move the item into their StrayHat list. If its lost again the user will receive an email letting them know where it was found.

"We designed the Lost Property Bin features to address the issues that schools, sports clubs and camps have with school-aged children leaving things behind" said Patrick Chye, founder of StrayHat. "We looked to modernise an age old problem by using things that parents are comfortable with; name labels and a smartphone app."

Lost Property Bin labels are supplied to customers each month, with a supply of 200 labels. Subscribers will also receive their own website and a sub-domain on www.StrayHat.com, plus a camp logo. Camps can setup their own domain and Lost Property Bin service, with an entry cost of only $22 per month via camps.strayhat.com. The StrayHat Lost Property system is currently running at a number of Schools and sporting clubs.

In addition to Lost Property Bins, StrayHat Labels provide parents a Lost & Found service whereby a parent will receive an email if their StrayHat labelled item is placed in Lost Property - it will notify them information such as "Sam J's towel is in Lost Property".