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Hot Stone Massage At The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree masseuses are all fully trained in Thailand and each has over twelve years’ experience.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of a hot stone massage knows the intense feeling of relaxation it provides the recipient but they may not be aware of the long term and lasting benefits of hot stone massage. A hot stone massage combines thermotherapy with massage techniques to provide an effective healing therapy.  The use of natural stones in conjunction with massage uses powerful earth energies to help the patient heal. Heat from stones also has the benefit of geomagnetism from an Earth source; which has a balancing and healing effect on our systems. For a great winter warm up, The Bodhi Tree in Auckland is offering their hot stone massage, along with their other popular massage styles.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of having a hot stone massage, it consists of both warm and hot stones being used as a massage tool, focusing on using the stones as extensions of the hands to massage and relax the client with maximum effect.  Hot stone massage increases circulation of fluids, and can assist in alleviating organ congestion and may even dissolve masses and they can assist in removing energy blockages that lead to the development of disease, illness and cancers.

The stones are heated and kept warm in a heating dish before being applied to the recipient, and the benefits of hot stone massage include both medicinal and subtle energy benefits. 

The Bodhi Tree is already well known for their traditional Thai massage treatments, with carefully selected massage oils that have been chosen especially to aid relaxation, healing and skin rejuvenation. The art of Thai massage is associated with helping the body regain and ensure on-going good health and its curative powers have been proven since ancient times, dating back to AD800, where the therapist applies pressure with their palms or feel along the energy lines and acupressure points.  The Bodhi Tree masseuses are all fully trained in Thailand and each has over twelve years’ experience. They also offer a number of other treatments including aromatherapy massages, deep tissue sports massages, foot reflexology massages, and neck, shoulder back and head massages.

Treat yourself to a comforting winter treat by going to http://www.massagethai.co.nz .