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Brisbane Container Business Firm Supports Aussie Navy

Gateway Container Sales supports the Australian Navy Cadets with secure shipping container storage.

[Brisbane, Australia, 8 July 2014] The crew of the Australian Navy Cadets training ship Walrus faced a series of break-ins earlier this year, and needed to increase the security of their on site storage. Gateway Container Sales & Hire came to the rescue with a 20 foot, secure shipping container with lockbox.

"The skills learnt in the Navy, such as leadership, discipline and teamwork are a huge asset for all areas in work and life. Instilling these values in teens aged between 12 - 20 is a community investment in a better future for both them, and whomever they come into contact with. Gateway is looking forward to upgrading their shipping container to a 40ft, helping to maintain the efforts of TS Walrus to ensure that their equipment stays secure and that no valuable resources are lost via theft," said Roy Finnegan, General Manager, Gateway Container Sales & Hire.

The Navy Cadets are a great way for youth to learn essential skills, but as they are a non-profit and completely volunteer organisation, they require the help and support of the local Brisbane community. Currently the Training Ship Walrus is looking for new and innovative ways to source funding and support for projects and upgrades required for the property, such as the upgrade and installation of new fire doors to ensure that their dormitories are safe.

The Cadets do not qualify for State or Federal funding from the Government, so every little bit of community support counts for this next generation of youth leaders. A cause that local Brisbane based companies such as Gateway Container Sales & Hire are only too happy to support.

The strong, weather proof, corten steel construction of a shipping container adds an extra level of security to the non-profit organisation’s premises, and helps to protect the training tools that they have worked so hard for. “Good luck to them trying to cut through a shipping container!” said Lieutenant Tracey Hagan, Australian Navy Cadets.

This secure container, located behind fencing that was cut in a previous break in attempt, houses the Cadets’ powerboats, and in the future will be expanded to securely house all of the Cadets’ training equipment when they are off site.

What can you do to support the Australian Navy Cadets?

Gateway Container Sales & Hire has pledged to upgrade the container that they have provided to the Australian Navy cadets from a 20 footer to a 40 footer free of charge. To help make this happen visit the Gateway Containers Facebook page and click like.

About the Australian Navy Cadets

The Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) is a provider of youth development experiences that is sponsored by the Royal Australian Navy. The ANC builds teamwork and leadership skills in youth utilising adventure and maritime activities including camping, water sports and team challenges. ANC learn to sail, navigate, as well as increase their skills in everything from IT to communications, cooking and first aid.  For more information visit the ANC website.

About Gateway Container Sales & Hire

With over 20 years in the business, Gateway Container Sales & Hire is an leader in the industry for providing high quality, competitively priced new and second hand shipping containers to local Australian customers. For more information phone (07) 3348 6463 or visit Gateway Container Sales.