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Hidden NLP Co-Founder comes to Australia in October 2014

The NLP Superfest is not one to be missed

92655335824058824830_thumbNLPSuperFest announced that hidden NLP co-founder, Mr Frank Pucelik, will be an exclusive guest presenter at this year’s 2014 conference in October.  All the way from Ukraine, little is known about the elusive founder, who has remained out of the limelight until very recently.

Frank will share his knowledge on modelling: a skill that can extract key components of how an expert works and thinks, and then modify those components so that they can be taught and used by other people.

Frank recalls their trio, consisting of Richard Bandler, John Grinder and himself, as rebels. In the 1970s, they realised that “We didn’t like people telling us what we couldn’t do. All of us believed that if you just figured out how to do something you could do anything.”

But Frank has not been inactive since that time. He was also the Professor of Interpersonal relationships (Oklahoma City University), and has been a long-term consultant for the Peace Corps since 1998. Each year Frank Pucelik trains more than 2,000 middle- and top-managers of the most successful companies in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other CIS countries. Frank Pucelik also supports five rehabilitation centres for youth with drug addiction.

book origins of nlpFrank expressed his immense excitement to share his knowledge with us, as he frequently uses modelling – from improving business outcomes for large corporations, to achieving personal growth and clarity for an individual. And the best part? No experience is necessary – As a seasoned international trainer, he welcomes people from all walks of life to learn his craft.

Once lost, but now excitedly found – Frank heads down to Melbourne, Australia for the first time to teach modelling and the psychology of excellence, exclusively as part of NLP SuperFest. Along with a list of other high-profile trainers such as international best-selling author Jamie Smart and Alistair Horscroft, the NLPSuperFest is held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, on October 3rd to 5th 2014. The website ishttp://nlpsuperfest.com/.

ABOUT NLPSuperFestNLPSuperFest.com is a 3-day conference focussed solely on providing interactive workshops to teach personal and business development skills, in a fun, collaborative environment. It came about from feedback that a lot of the top NLP trainers are located outside of Australia, and therefore is time consuming and expensive to train with the best. The first of its kind in Australia, NLPSuperFest is a platform to upskill and to learn directly from highly sought trainers under one roof.

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