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A new investment prospectus developed by Council has been designed to assist investors and businesses with key information about the City, says Mayor Angelo Tsirekas.


Over the six years to June 2013, the City of Canada experienced significant growth in both resident and business numbers, with the number of businesses actively trading increasing by 21.5%.


With so many people considering the City of Canada Bay to conduct their business or invest, the Prospectus provides key information on;


·         Our region’s attributes

·         Socio-economic profile of our community

·         A guide on ‘Doing Business’ with the City of Canada Bay

·         Snapshots on each of our commercial centres.


“With this Prospectus we intend to attract investors and entrepreneurs who will contribute to our sustainable future and benefit from our fast growing population and well placed business precincts”, Mayor Tsirekas said.


View the prospectus on Council’s website, www.canadabay.nsw.gov.au or download the App from GooglePlay or the App Store. Search for ‘Invest in Canada Bay’.