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Pets Continue to Prove Beneficial to the Elderly

Owner of alternative to aged care on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane reveals which five breeds of dog are most beneficial to seniors.

Australia, 21 July 2014 - Tall Trees Care Communities are a small network of communities that provide an alternative to traditional aged care. Their residents actually own their homes and are free to come and go as they please. They select their own level of care in a model called “consumer directed care.” Not only are residents allowed to have visitors such as grandchildren over whenever they want, they are also allowed to have pets.

While the logistics of a traditional aged care facility make it nearly impossible for anyone to have a pet, the fact that residents live in homes more befitting a high-end retirement community than an aged care home makes it easier for Tall Trees to allow pets.

Recently, on the Tall Trees company blog, co-owner and co-founder Phil Usher recommended five particular breeds of dog as great pets for the elderly due to a combination of factors. Most important is the dog being small enough and calm enough for an elderly person to be able to take care of them. In addition, the dog’s ability to provide companionship is very important.

Here are the five breeds recommended by Mr Usher with brief descriptions of their “personalities.”


Boston, Jack Russell, Scottish and Yorkshire Terriers are at the top of the list. These dogs, while occasionally energetic, are also docile and small enough to climb into their owners’ laps. Terriers are very affectionate dogs and usually like to stay very close to their owners. They are protective and alert. They also encourage their owners to exercise because they need a short walk every day.


Pugs can be a bit energetic and rambunctious and are at the top of the “cute” scale. They are also some of the most loyal and affectionate dogs on the market. They make very devoted and protective pets. They also require a short walk every day to use up some of their excess energy. They are also great conversation starters when being taken for a walk because most people like them and think they are cute.

Shih Tzu

These dogs are from China. They are very mellow and have long coats that need to be maintained daily. Luckily, these dogs are patient and love the attention. They are very affectionate and great for those who need a mellow pet.

Toy Poodle

Toy poodles love their humans but aren’t all that keen on other dogs. They are great for the person who wants to groom their dog on a regular basis. Many women make poodles their top choice of dog breed.


Chihuahuas have a loud bark which is “worst” than their bite. They are natural protectors and make great watchdogs.

According to Mr Usher, “Ultimately, we encourage most pets because they improve our residents’ quality of life.”

Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to aged care in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast with locations in Logan, Sunnybank, Holland Park and Tweed Heads. To learn more about their communities in which residents own their homes and choose their own level of care, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: http://www.talltrees.net.au/.