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Asleen Mauthoor Maleficent’s Makeover To Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalist.

How Maleficent’s look has been translated into clothing, jewelry, makeup lines & commercial photography in Australia?

There are so many fantastic ways to raise funds for a charity, and this year we've seen an incredible & most dare daring attempt from Asleen Mauthoor, one of the Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalists creating her version of Maleficent Fundraiser Photoshoot for Variety the Children's Charity.

Disney films have always conflated natural beauty with inherent goodness, unnatural beauty as inherent wickedness, giving their princesses and heroines the eyes, hair, lips, and skins female villains would kill for. Bad girls are trendsetters. There’s something undeniably attractive about evil, and that’s why the outfits popularised by villainous characters have been finding their way onto catwalks for years. How else would Goth become an actual thing?

However it’s rare that we get a character who’s so deliciously evil that’s such a trendsetter, and we have to take the opportunity to worship at the altar of Maleficent, with these top four JC Indahaus favourite things about Asleen Mauthoor's recreation of the one and only Maleficent's evil beauty look:

1) Statement Makeup✔️

We’re fans of statement makeup here at JC Indahaus - go big or go home, and Asleen Mauthoor certainly went big for this character. Those ruby red lips are simply divine, and strike a perfect contrast to the stark paleness of her shock white visage.

2) Gaga Would Be Proud✔️

Few people can pull off novelty horns as headwear, but Asleen Mauthoor made it look so unbelievably cool. We haven’t been this impressed with the ability to turn the ridiculous into a fashion trend since Gaga herself.

3) Black on Black✔️

There can never be too much black, that’s why black never go out of style. Maleficent’s creative use of the world’s most slimming colour, subtly accented with darker hues of purple, lend it a versatility we’ve never seen before with Asleen Mauthoor's creative team, recreation of what we call Black on Black.

4) Pop Your Collar✔️

Admittedly, we normally don’t like it when people pop their collar. It’s all too ‘high school boy trying to make his uniform look cool, but actually makes themselves look like a plonker’ for us. Asleen Mauthoor's recreation of Maleficent’s statement collar however, is making us reconsider the look. Evil has never looked so good & inspirational across high fashion.

Asleen Mauthoor rallied her incredible line up of A-team of creatives and held a fundraiser photoshoot for her as one of the Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalists. She will be competing in the finals this weekend at the beautiful Hunter Valley. We all fell in love with the film Maleficent, and knew they had to recreate Jolie's dark and dramatic look.

They created an entire outfit, sourced a venue, and we advertised across all the Melbourne creative groups that any interested photographers who made a $20+ donation to Asleen Mauthoor's Variety Australia campaign could come along and shoot.

In the end they had 14 photographers, 2 models and they had some incredible images produced. A very big thank you to everybody involved over the weekend, without them Asleen Mauthoor couldn't have achieved this on her own. Vanee Pham from Babydolls Make Up Artistry, who's makeup is second to none, contoured perfectly to get Jolie's cutting cheekbones, and sourced piercing green contacts.

Award Winning Teressa Au Hair Artist from X-Per-Tease Award Winning Hair Studio.created the main masterpiece hair sculpture horns! A perfect replica, Teressa actually wrapped Asleen's hair up to recreate the Maleficent look.

Catherine Machell from The Willow Branch's bouquets never fail to stun us, but her 15kg wings made from gum leaves were truly a work of art. Her staff completed the look.
Luisa Mars was a perfect Aurora, capturing her beauty, vulnerability and innocence.
I was dressed in a spectacular Ashleigh Voce gown and adorned with moody Feathers by Faith and Zsaneta Bridal Couture cape. Luisa wore a dreamy Zsaneta Zsaneta gown and a gold circlet by The Willow Branch. Greg Miles, Mary Costello and Kayla Au were the perfect time keepers and assistants, keeping everything running smoothly and on time.

How Maleficent’s look has been translated into clothing, jewelry, makeup lines & commercial photography in Australia?

Some people might decide that they are in a Maleficent mood and they have to be Maleficent for a day. Maleficent and other villainesses are glamorous in part because they have this power and knowledge that makes them attractive. Glamour requires a certain maturity rather than girlish prettiness. For grown-ups, the stylistic appeal of the live-action version of Maleficent is not about viewing evil as glamorous as much as it is about appreciating her sophistication and power. Some clothing capsule collections, on the other hand, are not so much a literal interpretation as much as they are an evocation of Maleficent’s costumes in the second half of the film, which shows Maleficent as an adult wearing mostly black in much heavier fabrics with lots of volume and sculptural shapes.

Whether that will help fuel a demand for Maleficent-inspired fashion is unclear. What’s evident is that those who may want to channel their inner dark fairy will have plenty from which to choose. Costume is not fashion, but fashion is costume. What we wear and how we go about every day is a performance of our lives. Some people might decide that they are in a Maleficent mood and they have to be Maleficent for a day.

In a world that often tells women to be silent in their anger, we saw Maleficent as a powerful, vengeful woman who made a choice and followed it through to the end. And she did it with poise, grace, power, fury, eloquence, and intelligence. She didn’t rant and rave. Maleficent commanded. Sure, she could have used a better brand of henchmen, but she was regal without a crown. Like the Morgan La Fey of Arthurian Myth, she was a power unto herself.

She made her choice and she followed it through, faced the hero and at the end of 'Maleficent', she soars into a heavenly sky like a righteous respected woman. So should we hail the dark fairy as a complete feminist icon?

Last but not least, JC Indahaus Media Publicists, Cassidy Poon & Johnny Saluni would like to congratulate Asleen Mauthoor, Miss World Australia 2014 National Finalist for the re-creation of Disney's Maleficent made famous by Angelina Jolie and GOOD LUCK for the National Finals at Hunter Valley this weekend!


Last year, Sydney based Opera singer Erin Holland took home the crown. This year a record 45 finalists will vie for the coveted title of Miss World Australia. You are invited to experience the suspense and excitement of the crowning of Miss World Australia 2014.

Date: 27 July 2014
Venue: Oaks Cypress Lakes, Hunter Valley
Time: 6pm Red Carpet for 7pm Start.

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