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The Easy Way to Select Pump Tubing: Just Use “STAMP”

Using pumps in the lab? Pick your tubing more easily

A successful tubing choice delivers optimal performance and prevents redesign and troubleshooting of your system later. To select the right tubing for your application, just remember the acronym STAMP.coloured tubing

S = Size

While considering the inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and wall thickness along with size, keep in mind cut lengths as well. ID, OD and wall are significant factors in pressure and vacuum ratings.

T = Temperature

Operating temperature is usually a consideration, but cleaning temperature, ambient temperature, and the complete temperature fluctuation should also figure into a selection decision. Sudden changes or extreme temperatures can negatively affect performance and cause premature failures.

A = Application

Knowing the dynamics of the application will help in selecting material for clarity, durometer (relative hardness), flexural fatigue or abrasion resistance and peristaltic pump use. Regulatory concerns are paramount. Supporting documentation and certificates should be reviewed before placing the order, with all of the details agreed upon prior to the first shipment.

M = Media

Understanding the fluid or media being transported is necessary to ensure zero extractables, adsorption/absorption and particulate entrapment. Various chemicals attack materials at different rates. Often cleaning agents are the most aggressive fluids used - but be aware of any chemical reactions which might be caused by changing fluids. Ambient chemicals in the air surrounding the tubing or dripping via leaks or condensation are sometimes overlooked.

P = Pressure

Vacuum and positive pressure creates stress on any tubing product. Ignoring these can create hazardous conditions during product use.

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