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Hagemeyer Communications launches Packetmedia HMP 1.0

Software platform for rich media processing

Hagemeyer Communications, the telecommunications business unit of business-to-business (B2B) distribution services group Hagemeyer NV, today launched NMS PacketMedia HMP 1.0, with availability in the Australian, New Zealand and South Asian markets.

Part of the NMS Open Access family, PacketMedia HMP 1.0 enables developers to leverage a common development environment for voice and data services with accessibility at any point enabling technology, modular application platforms, or complete systems.
The PacketMedia HMP software is the ideal platform to meet the increasing demand for scalable, cost effective media server solutions based on general-purpose computing platforms. It performs complete IP packet handling, media processing and call control on a standard Intel architecture computer server without the need for specialised hardware.
A wide range of powerful IP media server applications ranging from announcement servers to voicemail can be deployed across the enterprise and service-provider back office on standard IT-certified servers, greatly simplifying solution rollout and maintenance.
"The NMS PacketMedia HMP host media processing software offers a scalable platform for OEMs building next-generation IP media server solutions," said Gerry Forsythe, Product Marketing Manager for Hagemeyer Communications. "Functions such as comprehensive IVR, DTMF generation and detection, speech encoding and decoding and VoIP packetisation are performed without the need for DSP-based add-in hardware"
Real Time Media Processing
Because of the unique design of PacketMedia HMP, real-time media processing is possible even in Windows environments with appropriate real-time considerations in the application design. For example, in matching the design of the application with the power of the CPU processor, it is recommended that the processor be loaded at no more than 70% usage. The application should also be designed to release the processor for real-time operations every few milliseconds.
Voice over IP
In high quality VoIP systems, media streams are transported over Ethernet in G.711 encoding using RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol). By providing the choice of G.711 packet sizes of 10, 20 or 30 milliseconds, PacketMedia HMP allows developers to make the tradeoff between minimizing end-to-end delay and the number of packets on the network.
PacketMedia HMP provides an industry standard H.323 call control protocol stack from industry leader RADVISION (Use of this stack is subject to an extra license fee). For applications requiring SIP, MGCP, or H.248/MEGACO, developers can easily integrate their protocol stack of choice using the included code examples.
Media Streaming Architecture.
NMS PacketMedia HMP is fully supported by Natural Access and Fusion, NMS complete VoIP development and run-time environment. Natural Access offers significant advantages in development time, performance, and most importantly scalability. Together with Fusion, it provides a software environment that can be used to create a broad range of IP-enabled enhanced services.
Natural Access supports services ranging from basic applications such as Unified Communications, Pre-Paid Calling, and conferencing to innovative new web-based applications such as Voice Portals, Voice Browsers, and Wireless Web Access. It also supports wireless IP-based gateways.
PSTN Digital Trunk Connections
For applications also requiring connection to PSTN trunks such as VoIP telephony gateways, the application can use Natural Access APIs on the same host processor. The NMS AG (2000, 4000) and CG (6000, 6100, 6500) series of interface boards can be plugged into the server slots and these board drivers activated.
The application can also make use of the wide range of Natural Access services to provide an interface to the PSTN call control such as ISDN and CAS. Since the PacketMedia HMP does not have an interface to a TDM bus such as H.100, any media processing between PacketMedia HMP and the boards would have to be transported via RTP G.711 over Ethernet.
"NMS and Hagemeyer Communications is committed to helping our customers derive maximum value from their existing infrastructure. PacketMedia HMP makes a great thing even better it gives operators a way to develop valuable services with their existing infrastructure," said Gerry Forsythe, Product Marketing Manager for Hagemeyer Communications.
Communications equipment vendors and ASPs are looking for next generation products that are designed for ease of development and deployment so that they can focus on reducing time to market, he said. NMS and Hagemeyer Communications are committed to making this happen."

About Hagemeyer Communications
Hagemeyer Communications is the telecom division of Hagemeyer Asia Pacific Electronics Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagemeyer NV (Euronext:HGM), a Dutch listed company with revenues of approximately 8.3 billion Euros.
Hagemeyer Communications has established teams of product specialists and engineers in Singapore, Sydney, and most recently Mumbai of India to support the integration of NMS technologies and systems. For more information please visit: www.hcom.com.au

About NMS Communications
NMS Communications (Nasdaq:NMSS) helps its customers increase revenues and returns on investments by rapidly deploying new carrier-grade communications products and services. Every telecom operator and communications equipment provider on the Global Fortune 50 list relies on NMS Communications for technology-leading products and services, including system building blocks, systems, consulting, and support. Visit www.nmscommunications.com for more information.