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1000+ Online Customers in Under 12 months!

Australian laboratory equipment supplier LabFriend has over 1000 registered customers in less than 12 months

According to the ABC, a survey of government spending in 2013 saw Australia spend 0.67% of total annual budget on “general research”. As the squeeze on funding for scientific research and development tightens, scientists and researchers are looking to make every dollar count and every cent stretch as far as possible.

The Australian Research Council, via their ‘Discovery’, ‘Linkage’ and ‘ERA’ programs, is responsible for how the funding of these research opportunities is allocated however competition for these grants is fierce and every year only a limited number of grants can be awarded.

"Typically, Australian research relies upon government grants to fund the purchase of laboratory equipment and consumables," says Karl Wyzenbeek, Managing Director of LabFriend. "LabFriend works to ensure that our customers can purchase the best quality equipment at internationally competitive prices even with a small grant,” says Karl.  Last month the team at LabFriend celebrated over 1000 registered customers. An amazing milestone for the business which is only 12 months old.

The goal of LabFriend to enable researchers who know what they need, but have limited resources, to save time and money purchasing laboratory equipment. “We know that research grants and funding are going down, but expectations remain as high as ever, putting pressure on scientists and researchers to do more, with less resources” said Anna Peppou of Sales and Marketing. LabFriend makes these high quality laboratory products cheaper and faster to purchase “Having all of the products online allows us to build the website up as a knowledge base for product information.” says Matias Biondi, Sales and Customer Service. “With enough information, most questions are answered before they’re even asked.”

A standout achievement of LabFriend has also been the response from customers to their unique online customer service model. “There is so much information available to customer service team, including, documentation, videos and alternative products, which in turn allows us to find the best possible item for the job and to make accurate recommendations” Matias said. The team at LabFriend go out of their way to ensure customers need not look any further than the LabFriend website or can find the answers by contact the LabFriend team. “We’re called LabFRIEND for a reason. And our motto is ‘We love Science’. Our priority is to make outfitting a laboratory as simple and easy, and friendly, as possible.”

Having signed up over 1000 registered users in less than 12 months, it is their customers who are truly fueling their success. With a smart eye on the market, and a true understanding of their customers’ needs, LabFriend hopes to continue growing and providing quality solutions to researchers all over the world.