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Western Sydney Suburbs in Demand this Spring Selling/Buying Season

Property buyers and investors keen to purchase in areas of high growth this Spring will be looking toward Sydney’s west, according to local real estate investment expert, author and coach, Zaki Ameer.


Mr Ameer said Spring was typically the time of year the real estate market picks up, with buyers and investors out at Open Homes, hoping to settle on the property by the start of the new calendar year.


According to Mr Ameer, a buyer who had $500,000 pre-approved this Spring selling season would be focusing on the more affordable western suburbs of Sydney for the best capital growth.


“Over the past year, the areas of Blacktown, Penrith, south western areas of Leppington, Campbelltown, and Liverpool have experienced phenomenal growth – in some cases even up to 14%,” Mr Ameer said.


“Closer to the CBD, $500,000 will also buy an apartment in suburbs like Bankstown and Botany Bay, and the investor will find his property in demand among young professionals who want to live close to the CBD, and thereby attracting a high rental yield.”


Mr Ameer said that, should anyone find themselves with $500,000 in cash to invest, the best strategy this Spring would involve purchasing 10 investment properties in the Western suburbs, including Blacktown, Penrith, south western areas of Leppington, Campbelltown, and Liverpool.


“Rather than purchasing just one investment property in full with that $500,000, I would suggest the investor purchases 10 investment properties valued around $400,000 each, putting down a 5% deposit on each,” Mr Ameer explained.


“The reasoning is quite simple. A year down the track, assuming capital growth of 10% during that time, as many of these suburbs have indeed experienced, the investor would have made 10% extra in growth on each of those 10 properties, as opposed to just one property,” he explained.


Mr Ameer said it was always important for to structure their portfolio of investments so that it was not negatively geared, but neutral.


“While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with holding a property that is negatively geared, I feel that too many investors are cutting themselves short of their future earning potential by using this popular strategy,” Mr Ameer explained.


Negatively geared investment property explains a structure where the rent received is less than the interest on the loan and other expenditure on the property.  Mr Ameer said many property investors, are advised to hold property this way to provide a satisfactory result when it comes to tax time, as all losses are tax deductable.


“Losses reduce an investor’s overall income and therefore their tax payable, but as a result their borrowing capacity is also automatically reduced.  This particular investment structure puts a massive speed bump in the growth of any property investor’s portfolio,” he explained.


“Yes, negatively geared property assumes high capital growth, and positively geared property generates low capital growth. However, it is important to rather seek a balanced portfolio to ensure that future investment opportunities are not lost.”




Real estate expert and wealth development coach Zaki Ameer came to Australia at the age of 18 with big dreams. Initially a student struggling financially with a rather large debt, he quickly turned his finances and his life around through determination and with a little help from his mentors. After building his wealth through various investments, including real estate, direct sales and shares, Zaki accumulated 10 properties in two years, totalling $3 million.


Gaining notoriety for his proven understanding of the power of the human mind and human potential, Zaki was approached by many organisations to speak about wealth creation and personal development. This led to his creation of Dream Design Property, a wealth creation mentoring program that guides clients in beginning their own personal development and investing journey.


Through Dream Design Property, Zaki has helped many everyday Australians to buy property and create new lives for themselves. His “Dream Design Do” philosophy is that anyone can become wealthy through investing in real estate if they make the right decisions and manage their property well.



Zaki has recently launched his new book “Dream IT Design IT Do IT from 0 to 10 properties in 2 years worth $3million’’on Amazon.