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A Hat Trick for Feros Care

For the third time in a month, Feros Care has been recognised for its leadership, innovation and excellence in the aged and community care sector.
Feros Care won the Organisation Award at the 2014 Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) National Aged Care Awards in Adelaide on Sunday night. This is the third National Award win for Feros Care in the last month, making it a hat trick for the organisation.
Ms Buckley, CEO for Feros Care said “2014 has been a year of recognition of the many dedicated people who work tirelessly to achieve our organisation’s dreams.  
“It is with great pleasure and pride that Feros Care is recognised  by the industry and its peers as the ACSA Organisation of the Year.
“Our mission has always been to support seniors to live their best life, and our vision is to be recognised globally for innovation in ageing services. 
“Our work on improving seniors health and wellbeing, our work in building our workplace culture and future leaders, our work in innovative care models and our passion to change the face of aged care and celebrate and cherish Australian seniors.
“I have been with Feros Care for almost 14 years and I have never been as proud, as motivated and as excited as I am right now,” Ms Buckley said.
The award recognises Feros Care’s innovation and excellence in the aged and community care sector, and highlights a range of innovations including how the organisation’s use of high definition video conferencing (VC) is transforming service delivery and support models for Senior Australians.
With the original intent of bridging the geographic divide (staff in four states), Feros Care built a High Definition (HD) VC infrastructure housed in our private cloud to allow for face to face and multi-party video consults between staff, managers and the board. This infrastructure soon expanded to other key stakeholders including our clients, their families and health professionals.
A key success factor of the project was accessibility and convenience which involved rolling out VC capabilities on a range of devices including room based (large LCD screens), mobile smart devices (smart phones and laptops for field and mobile staff), in a client’s home (touchscreen tablets), at the bedside in residential care (robots and tablets) and in home and commercial offices (laptops).
A further success factor was the in-house development of Feros Care’s Telehealth solution “My Health Clinic At Home” that incorporates a big button touchscreen tablet for our clients that interfaces directly with the High Definition VC conferencing system. This technology was used in their very successful NBN enabled Telehealth pilot  with over 200 senior’s in the northern NSW.
The pilot included almost 5000 video connections with seniors involving Telehealth nurses supporting chronic disease management, multi-disciplinary care co-ordination (i.e. Care Managers, GP’s, Specialists), health literacy sessions and social connectivity (families, friends and social clubs).  Feros Care has since commenced a main stream Telehealth service in Southern Sydney.

Ms Buckley said “The implementation of Feros Care’s VC infrastructure delivered return on investment within the first year of implementation and has not only improved the connectivity and communication of Feros Care staff across Australia but also unleashed a range of innovative service options for our community and residential clients.

“Feros Care is always looking for new and smart ways to use technology to help our seniors maintain their independence and stay connected, and has made it a priority to ensure the provision of high quality and reliable internet access is a key feature of each of its residential villages and is a big advocate for the NBN “fibre to the door” for all seniors in the community,” she said.

Feros Care adds this award to a growing list of achievements at state, national and international levels including the:
  • 2014 Winner HESTA Aged Care Awards – Outstanding organisation 
  • 2014 Winner ACSA Aged Care Awards – Organisation of the Year
  • 2014 Winner AACQA Better Practice Award
  • 2014 Winner ACS NSW & ACT Aged Care Awards – Organisation of the Year.