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ImagePak Marketing Owner Says: “Don’t Make These Promotional Marketing Mistakes.”

Promotional products supplier from Perth reveals mistakes that can stop a promotional marketing campaign in its tracks.

Perth, WA, 15 September 2014 - Recently, the owner of ImagePak Marketing, Scott Eaton, warned readers of his company blog about mistakes that many companies make when ordering promotional products. Promotional products are a well-known way of obtaining a high number of high-quality advertising impressions for a small amount of money.

A firm orders giveaway items with their company’s name and/or logo. Then, they give them away. Every time the item is used, it produces at least one high-quality advertising impression. Sometimes, though, promotions don’t work due to “operator error” that Mr Eaton feels is preventable.

Inadequate Distribution

Sometimes, firms will plan on giving away a certain number of promotional items, only to find that more than half of them are sitting in a storeroom long after they were supposed to be given away. Mr Eaton recommends making sure that all items that are supposed to be given away are given away promptly unless they are supposed to be an “on hand” item.

Inadequate Lead Time

Mr Eaton also recommends against “cutting it too close” for deadlines. Most firms know about trade shows or events long before they happen. Mr Eaton recommends ordering promotional items as early as 90-120 days before an event to ensure that nothing can go wrong.

Not Giving People What They Want

According to Mr Eaton, some businesses get into a rut and give away the same items every year. He recommends finding out if there is another item that their target market may like better and giving them away instead.

Not Having a Goal

Mr Eaton feels that it is important to have a goal for any promotion: “If you don’t know what you want to accomplish, your results will be erratic. A consistent marketing plan must contain goals. What do you want to accomplish with your promotion? Goals help bring results into focus.”

Giving Cheap Gifts

While there are some nice inexpensive promotional gifts, Mr Eaton feels that price should never be the only consideration. He recommends making sure to keep up with the competition and giving gifts that are consistent with the target market.

Right Gifts, Wrong People

The worst possible scenario is to give away expensive promotional gifts to people who are not involved with or able to influence the buying decision. Sometimes, a two-tiered approach can be used, with inexpensive gifts going to one segment and expensive ones going to another market segment.

Information, Please

Mr Eaton recommends making sure that the most relevant information is displayed the most prominently. After company name and logo, the preferred contact method should be most visible.

Wrong Vendor

Mr Eaton recommends purchasing promotional items from a company that has a solid reputation for service and quality. According to Mr Eaton, “I have been in this business most of my adult life and have heard all of the horror stories. Always make sure to purchase your promotional items from a company that can give you the very best.”

ImagePak Marketing provides promotional products in Perth. They offer a full range of promotional giveaway items, sports apparel and work uniforms. To learn more or for an obligation-free consult, call 1300 658 745 or visit their webpage: http://www.imagepak.com.au/.