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Peristaltic Pumps Suit Many Applications

For research and development, Masterflex® tubing pump systems are an efficient choice. These peristaltic pumps are easy to load and versatile enough to use one pump drive for multiple applications. They offer exceptional repeatability for low volume dispensing and metering applications. Other benefits include: Lab microscope John Morris Scientific

  • Non-contaminating because the fluid only contacts the inside of the tubing
  • Low cell disruption—circulate cell tissue with minimal damage (low damage)
  • Easy-to-clean by simply changing the tubing
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • Mix/match pump heads, tubing and drives to suit applications—a selection of tubing is available that is compatible with numerous laboratory chemicals

Ten Typical R&D Applications for Masterflex Pumps:

  1. Acid/base dispensing
  2. Chromatography
  3. Desiccator air circulation
  4. Electrophoresis
  5. Filtration pumps
  6. Infusion pump for tissue
  7. Injection metering pump
  8. pH acid/base metering
  9. Spectrophotometer pump
  10. Toxicology assays (salt solutions). . . and more!

Find out more about our selection of Masterflex tubing pump systems.

For further information please contact our Technical Sales Team on 1800 552 724 or email coleparmer@johnmorris.com.au