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Dangerous personalities could be putting your workplace at risk

A psychology firm has just released research about the occupational health and safety behaviours of Australian workers.

The study, of more than 1400 professionals across a diverse range of industries, found a strong correlation between an individual’s measurable personality and values and the likelihood that they will be safe or unsafe at work.

According to the study, the types of personality traits that are associated with better safety behaviours include prudence, patience, fairness, diligence, social boldness and they tend to value security.

The results revealed that men are more diligent and committed than women to being safe at work, in fact, women are less likely to participated in OHS practices and are more likely to disobey their organisation’s rules. Also workers which are older than 45 tend to display more safety conscious attitude and more display more attentive to safety behaviours than younger workers.

The study highlighted that workers in the utilities, local government and FMCG sectors tend to have higher overall safety behaviours. Workers in these industries are more motivated to ensure safety at work, more likely to comply with workplace health and safety rules and to participate in improving safety at work. 

State government employees tend to be less safety conscious and compliant than local government. This may be explained by a higher prevalence of office jobs in state government, which like professional services, arts and media communications are less concerned with safety compared with other industries. 

Many local government roles, like utilities and manufacturing, involve physical labour and onsite jobs that tend to attract more safety consciousness.

It's your responsibility to look after the safety and well-being of your workers. Now is the time to take action. 

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