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Aussie Travellers Most Afraid of Losing Their Passports – Study by Real Insurance

Australians travelling overseas are most worried about losing their passport followed closely by their wallet and credit cards.

The research, commissioned by Real Insurance, covered 1,290 Australians 18 years and older.  It found that personal identification was far and above the most important item to Aussie travellers (73 per cent), with the next closest their mobile phone (6 per cent).

Said Anne Grobler, Head of Marketing, Real Insurance: “According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more Australians are heading overseas than ever. Given the fact their biggest fear is losing personal belongings like passports or wallets, anyone travelling can and should prepare for the worse.

“Simple tips include making sure they have hard copies of all personal identification which they keep in a separate spot or be able to access online, should help if they need to retrieve a copy of these details in the event of an emergency.

 “Losing a passport is distressing and not only does a replacement incur additional fees but it can also cause delays to your trip.”

 Australian men were the ones most concerned about losing their passports. Forty per cent listed it as the most important item to keep safe abroad while only 31 per cent of women put their passports first with six per cent of women listing their handbag as the number one item they feared losing.

 Australian travellers also differed in their opinions depending on the area they were from.  For example, people who live in the city were 11 per cent more likely to fear for their passport than those in the country, who were more likely to worry about their wallet and credit cards.

 There is also a big age divide in terms of what travellers fear losing. 18-24 year-olds were more prone to being worried about losing their electronic devices, particularly their smart phones than any other age group.

 Other anxieties for Aussie travellers included misplacing their car keys, cameras, suitcases, as well as losing their kids, a partner or getting lost themselves.

 The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported a record 8.9 million international trips were taken in the last financial year; more than 550,000 higher than number of Australians travelling abroad than the year before and close to three times more than a decade ago.

 Said X: “Given these statistics it’s even more important than ever to ensure you have covered yourself for every eventuality.”