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Myionu increases safety for lone workers

GPS technology saves lives

Perth September 26th 2014. GPS tracking service provider Myionu has introduced a range of safety monitoring devices from Blackline designed to increase the safety for the thousands of lone workers employed throughout Australia.

Paul Delaney, General Manager, Myionu said “our technology is helping keep workers’ safe without invading privacy”

Whilst there are many GPS tracking products on the market, very few are designed specifically for the safety of employees.

Our employee product enables employers to monitor the safety of employees with a combination of automatic and manual safety alerting features including True Fall Detection®, man-down detection, missed check-in detection, emergency latch, and silent emergency. When safety incidents occur, the device communicates the employee’s identity, precise location, and an alert type to monitor personnel who are empowered to manage a pinpoint emergency response.

One of the biggest issues using GPS to provide a location is that if the employee is in a building or under cover, a false location is given, this presents a real problem when trying to locate an employee in an emergency situation.

The solution to this issue is to install low cost indoor location beacons.

In areas where GPS location data is unavailable, our devices can communicate an employee’s location based on signals from nearby Loner Beacons. If an employee suffers an injury or health condition, his or her Loner safety monitoring device communicates the alert type, employee’s name, and location to monitoring personnel who manage a pin-point emergency response to the correct building, floor, and room.

Installation is easy, requiring just a few minutes to mount a bracket and click the Beacon into place. The Beacons are self-powered by two C-cell alkaline batteries that provide five years of operation. Battery replacement is simple and cost effective.

“With many employees working in remote areas where mobile phone coverage is poor or non-existent presents additional communication challenges” Said Delaney. “It not just a case of using satellite phones or standard satellite based communication devices. Simply put, if the user does not have a view clear view of the sky, traditional devices just won’t work”.

To combat this issue Myionu has devices that connect to a portal base station to provide communications; Range General Use: up to 2 km; Range Hilltop to Hilltop: 10+ km; Terrain, foliage, and buildings will affect overall 900 MHz radio link range. Using the bridge provides employees with true satellite communication when in buildings and even underground.

The Myionu suite of safety devices can be purchased directly from Myionu or from its network of Authorised Dealers.  Packages start from just $39 with annual service plans from $199

About Myionu:  Myionu is a division of AffiniftyOne Pty delivering a range of location based devices and services to business and individuals throughout the world to improve safety, security and productivity. Myionu systems are fully scalable and integrated into user friendly web and smartphone based portals,

About Blackline: Blackline GPS is a wireless location leader that develops, manufactures, and markets products and services for worker safety monitoring, covert tracking, and consumer applications. Blackline solutions deliver safety, security, and location awareness through innovative wireless hardware and custom user interfaces, including web, mobile, messaging, and web services. Blackline's vision is to become the leading supplier of wirelessly connected worker safety monitoring and covert tracking products in the world. Blackline products allow customers to protect their personnel and valued assets, share the conditions of their environment, and connect with emergency services when necessary. Blackline solutions Protect. Share. Connect.®

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