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Another first for Darwin International Airport

Darwin International Airport (DRW) has again lead the way with their selection and deployment of the GMC8 digital display controllers to drive their Flight Information Display System (FIDS) screens. 

Darwin has ordered over 80 GMC8xp digital display controllers as part of their ongoing Terminal Expansion Project (TXP) - the controller order was also accompanied with an equivalent order of OPS compliant NEC 32" and 40" displays.


Bruce Allen, CEO of Intersystems commented, "the GMC8's innovation lies in its design."

"Designed to work with Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) compliant displays, the GMC8 inserts directly into the display leaving no additional footprint and minimising cabling requirements."

"To ensure we can cater for all displays, including those that are not OPS compliant, the GMC8 range includes an optional housing designed to allow the OPS controllers to become a standalone unit."

Like the GMC7, the GMC8 has two models available - a standard FIDS controller, the GMC8ip, and a higher spec multimedia display controller, the GMC8xp. A complete datasheet is available upon request, contact your account manager for more details.