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Hayne Can Crack A New Code

Announcement posted by The Audacious Agency 17 Oct 2014

Rugby league start has what it takes to excel at NFL

A Sydney-based trainer believes NRL star Jarryd Hayne will score big time when he transitions to NFL because he already has the basic training systems in place.

Luke Heath said while NRL and NFL are different codes, the type of training needed to make it in either sports is the same.

“There is so much speculation whether Jarryd has what it takes. As a personal trainer and sports coach, I broke down both the codes to analyse exactly what it would take,” Luke said.

“Although NRL and NFL are both literally a world apart in distance, they both go under the affectionate title of football in their respective countries.”

“This is not where the similarities stop. They are both extreme strength, power, and agility based sports, which require a certain type of sports specific fitness training.”

According to Luke, if someone wanted to be the next Jarryd Hayne, they could follow Hayne’s fitness training program.

“Fitness Training for either code requires short sharp burst of energy with a combinations of strength, power and agility,” he said.

“In the fitness industry, we call this High Intensity Interval Training, (H.I.I.T) and this will leave the heart rate up for hours post exercise burning a huge amount of calories.

“H.I.I.T has massive benefits to the muscles, fitness and metabolic rate in such a short time.

“In layman’s terms it’s going to get you fit lean and toned in no time, just like our hero Jarryd.”

Luke said Hayne would be using standing long jumps, shuttle runs, agility ‘zig zag’ type runs, shorts sprints and tuck jumps as part of his H.I.I.T session.

“For the junior athlete just starting out, the serious football contender at club level, pre-season, off season and in season training or the person looking to add to their training regime, these exercises will hit the spot,” Luke said.

 About Luke

Luke Heath is the founder of Dynamic Fitness and the 5 Minute Workout app (soon to be released). A highly regarded Australian fitness professional and entrepreneur, creator of his own group fitness programs, national group fitness trainer and presenter, and athlete.  


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