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Smart Driver ID Uses QR Technology To Save Lives

Inteligent GPS with QR Driver ID and Vehicle Roll Over Detection

The Myionu Smart Driver ID with Roll Over Detection uses start of the art

camera technology to capture 1D and 2D codes to relay via

1-wire or via serial.  Using the built in roll-over sensor the

Smart Driver ID will trigger an output.


he Smart Driver ID uses red LEDs for illumination, so the engine shows better reading performance on, barcodes printed in non-red colours. For applications involving red barcodes, it is advised to turn off the engine’s illumination and use non-red supplementary  lighting instead. 

Myionu Smart Driver ID can read barcodes on virtually any medium – paper, plastic cards, mobile phones.

The embedded roll over alerting system will trigger a location  raising an automated alert which is sent via email as well as being displayed on the Myionu web based portal showing the precise location on a map along with full driver details to provide responder as much detail as possible.

Smart Driver ID is launched in Australia on November 1st 2014 and will retail for $499 and will work with most vehicle tracking systems.




RS 232

1 x External output  (ground)

Roll Over detection external alert.

Input Voltage    12 – 24V


Precision   ≥ 5mil

UPC-A (13mil)  55mm -270mm

Depth of Field Code 39 (20mil)   50mm -340mm

PDF 417 (6.67mil)   70 mm-165 mm

Data Matrix (10mil)   55 mm -180 mm

QR Code (20mil)   35 mm -275mm

Symbol Contrast   ≥ 30%

Scan Angle**   Roll: 360; Pitch: ±50; Skew: ±50°

Field of View   Horizontal 36°; Vertical 23°

Image Sensor   752 ×480 CMOS

Illumination   Red LED 625 ±10 nm

Size  50mm x 50mm x 10mm


Operating Temperature   – 20℃ – +60 ℃

Storage Temperature   – 40℃ – +8 0 ℃

Humidity   5% – 95% (non-condensing)

Ambient Light   0 ~ 100000 lux (natural light)