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Australia Ready For A Revolutionary New Approach To Portable Power.

Grid to Go Hybrid Power Now Available In Australia.


Independent Power Management is proud to be the Australian Distributor of the innovative, silent and emission free power solution Grid to Go™.

Grid to Go is a portable hybrid power system now available in Australia and which is set to revolutionise the way Events, Construction and Mining companies use portable power for their sites.

The system can be used in 3 distinct operational modes supplying site power requirements with 240v or 415v AC power.

Where power requirements are modest the unit can be used as a stand alone system, much like a traditional generator except our system offers the benefit of silent and emission free power.

This mode of operation is perfect in various applications, for example; underground locations, noise sensitive areas and small events.

The unit can be simply recharged at the end of its day’s work via a regular 10Amp power point.

The Grid to Go module can be deployed as a mobile UPS system, giving autonomy to critical infrastructure or live events.

In fact anywhere that a failure of the mains power would be undesirable.

In this operational mode the switching occurs seamlessly giving confidence that the power supply is always maintained.

The third and most popular application for Grid to Go is deployment as a hybrid power system,

significant reductions in operational costs are achieved through reduced fuel usage in your diesel generator.

When the unit is connected in tandem with a conventional diesel generator it becomes the controller, stopping and starting the generator when required, much like a hybrid car.

The benefits are a reduction in as much as a two-thirds of the fuel normally required, periods of silent running, greater autonomy and the reduced run times mean greater intervals between servicing the generator.

This means significant financial benefits can be achieved with a dramatic reduction in noise and emissions.

For more information call us on 1300 367 950 or check out our website at www.grid-to-go.com.au