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Announcement posted by auDA 06 Feb 2002

9,900 applications received
Applications for names on the generic name list closed on 31 January 2002. auDA has received 9,900 applications for 2,210 of the 3,000 names on the list.

The most popular name is computers.com.au with 76 applications and the top 10 names applied for are;

1. computers.com.au
2. design.com.au
3. computer.com.au
4. software.com.au
5. finance.com.au
6. health.com.au
7. web.com.au
8. marketing.com.au
9. internet.com.au
10. security.com.au

We are delighted with the response said auDA CEO, Chris Disspain. Given the number of applications, it will take some time for the process to be completed and we will be contacting applicants on a name by name basis over the next 2 months or so.

Applications are being assessed as soon as possible and we are asking applicants not to telephone or email auDA requesting an update on the timing or the status of their application.

At the end of the auction process, auDA will publish a list of those names for which no eligible applications have been received. These names will be available on a first come first served basis when the new names policy is introduced.

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