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STid wins the Innovation Trophy

STid wins the Innovation Trophy at the Expoprotection 2014 trade fair

Paris, November 4th, 2014

STid is a trailblazer and market leader in the design of high security solutions and was awarded the Innovation Trophy at the Expoprotection trade fair with Architect®, the first modular and upgradable range of access control readers.

A panel of 13 professionals, experts, journalists and users selected the Architect® range from among a dozen entrants, highlighting its innovative approach and the added value it can bring to clients.

Architect® readers are based on a common RFID card to which various interchangeable modules can be connected, such as badge readers, keyboards, touch screens, biometric devices and more. “This modular approach is simple, economical and puts the keys to access security into the client’s own hands,” says Maé Tholoniat, STid Product Manager.

STid is the only RFID manufacturer to have been awarded First Level Security Certification (ANSSI), offering the most secure range of readers on the market. Architect® readers are built on the latest MIFARE® DESFire® and LEGIC® Advant technologies and also include innovative solutions such as an accelerometer-based tamper detector. This technology not only informs the system of tampering but can also be used to delete all confidential data stored in the reader. 

The customization options offered by the Architect® range also won plaudits from the panel. STid offers a range of possibilities including logos, multi-colored LEDs, different colored casings or stylish designs such as brushed aluminum or leather.

Architect® is a truly revolutionary solution, born out of our philosophy of permanent innovation and by bringing together the three expectations of the integrators, installers, distributors and users that we work with - dependability, scalability and simplicity,” concludes Vincent Dupart, STid Chief Executive.


About STid

Since 1996, STid has specialized in contactless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies. STid designs, manufactures and markets solutions (readers, tags and software) for the security and industrial track and trace markets. As French market leader, STid has developed innovative products and solutions for high security access control and automatic vehicle identification (AVI). Our expertise as a RFID manufacturer leads us to address traceability issues in harsh environments in the most demanding industries, such as aerospace, oil and gas, healthcare, transport, logistics and more.

World Reach RFID was established in 2014 as a division of World Reach, in partnership with STid.  World Reach RFID is the exclusive distributor for Australia and Asia Pacific.

More information: info@stid.com.au