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Taking Stock Of Solutions To Empty Shelves

Announcement posted by The Audacious Agency 25 Nov 2014

How Online Sales Is The Answer

With shelves laden for the silly season, many merchants will soon find they have more stock than customers once the Christmas rush is over.

Peter Levick, from Brisbane-based Smartfind, a niche offers/deals website, said it is time for businesses to acknowledge marketing has changed.

“Recent figures from the Commonwealth Bank suggest spending will be down this festive season, meaning retailers will have to be resourceful about how to clear stock gathering dust,” he said.

“Hanging onto stock hoping someone will walk in to buy it is like throwing money away. With the move to online shopping, traditional retailers have to look at news ways to market their wares.

“Retailers have two choices.  Hold onto stock and keep their fingers crossed Christmas consumer spending increases or get creative,” he said.

“Any business selling products finds themselves with items that fail to sell – that equals money down the drain. 

“The idea is to get rid of it quickly and make room for new stock.”

Peter said that is why more and more merchants are turning to deal sites. “Technology changes the way we interact; this is no different for the consumer merchant relationship,” he said.

“Deal/offer sites use the latest technology to connect consumers with businesses, and vice versa, like never before.

Peter said having a 'special' sale may get rid of old stock. “If it did not sell before, chances are it is not going to move.  You are marketing the same people,” he said.

“Moving your marketing online opens up your business and products/services to a new audience.

“In September, National Australia Bank's online retail sales index showed internet shopping grew by 12.8 per cent.  As a nation, we are looking for bargains and using the internet to find them.

“Over 75 per cent of Australia's 15.4 million internet users made a purchase or order over the internet and over half of the online shoppers have no brand loyalty; they are browsing for the best deals.”

Peter said this is where savvy merchants can tap into new marketing strategies. “If you use deal sites, look for ways to re-engage your existing customer. It is far easier to sell to someone who have already bought from you, that to win over a new customer,” he said.

“It is easy to get stuck in tried and tested methods. Smartfind was created with the consumer AND the merchant in mind. We want Australian merchants to be winning more than they are.”


About Smartfind

Smartfind provides discounted experiences and entertainment to customers, using existing expertise via digital marketing. Smartfind was created to provide business owners with an opportunity to have a professional web presence, including a business directory listing and comprehensive information about their business. Services include video advertisements, digital marketing, mobile website development and social media marketing.


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