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Ripple Massage Wins at Scenic Rim Business Awards

Ripple Massage and Beauty wins.

Last night Ripple Massage and Beauty won the Business Marketing Award at the Scenic Rim Business awards.

We were the sole winner from the mountain. It is the second year in a row we have won an award there. More information on Ripple is at http://www.ripplemassage.com.au

This award is not only due to the amazing people who work within Ripple, but also the strong core of support we have received from many others, particularly from the mountain. Ripple is this lovely weird little business, it attracts the nicest people to it who have gone out of their way to see it grow.

Starting from one therapist on the mountain (me) to now having over 40 people over 19 regions across Australia, the success of the business comes down to the enormous generosity and kindness of many people.

This is an incomplete list, I apologise in advance to those I have missed, but an enormous thank you to ..

All of our alliances in the Scenic Rim and particularly the mountain, who have supported us with business, clients, advice and cross promotion. Witches Falls Cottages, Seaview Farm Retreat, Wallaby Ridge Retreat and so many others (sorry can’t name you all! But you know who you are).

All of our therapists who work extraordinarily hard to make our clients happy and a big thank you to Julie for her early support.

Our clients (over 20, 000 treatments over ten years) who we aim to make happy.

The girls in the office, Julianne, Jess, Jessie, Yuen and Letitia who are the heart of the business.

Thank you to the wineries, particularly Shane O’Reilly, Bryce and Paddy Kassulke and John Penglis for their initial support in business in this region.

TMCCI and Scenic Rim Council – particularly Chris Kite and a big thank you to John Brent, and also my business mentor, Martin Mankowski, for his advice and big thinking.

And finally, thanks to my two boys, Jack and Lucas, the core of my life and the reason for Ripple’s existence, and also for the love and support from Craig.

I came to the mountain 18 years ago with a two-year-old ... didn’t have a cent, knew no one and no real idea what I was going to do. I just knew I wanted to live in this beautiful place. It is through the kindness, generosity and support of the mountain that my family now has this beautiful, sweet, intense, little life. Ripple is an extension of that life, and each day, I still get a buzz of excitement when I go to work.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Mahalo for your support.