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Sydney Criminal Lawyers Launch NSW Pocket Lawyer App for iPhone and iPad

Sydney Criminal Lawyers have revolutionised the way simplified legal information is delivered with the launch of their handy, informative and easy-to-use NSW Pocket Lawyer app for iPhone and iPad.

For many people facing criminal charges, such as drunk driving, it can be hard to navigate through the law. It may even be difficult to get answers to simple legal questions without having to see a lawyer and they are not known for helping people free of charge.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers want to stand out from the crowd, not only as a leading law firm, but also for going the extra-mile to help people to quickly understand the law, and to help themselves in a range of situations without having to pay for a lawyer.

This forward thinking city-based law firm, practicing almost exclusively in criminal law, uses social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+ to engage with their clients and the wider community, answer questions and discuss legal issues.

Their desire to embrace innovative new technologies, and to make the law engaging and accessible to all, has taken them one step further by bringing a whole host of legal information into a handy and easy-to-use app for iPhone and iPad called the NSW Pocket Lawyer app, a one-stop-shop for information about criminal and traffic laws in NSW.

Available to download free on the App Store, the NSW Pocket Lawyer app contains a wealth of information about the law, legal process and an individual's rights - all handily accessible on iPhone and iPad.

The app already contains over 500 blog posts in a user-friendly format providing quick and easy information about:

* Individual's rights when approached by police,
* What to do if arrested and charged,
* How to get out of custody on bail,
* How to prepare a self-defence for court,
* How to get cases dropped without having to hire a lawyer, and
* The laws, procedures and penalties for wide range criminal and traffic offences.

And it's all in plain English.

All the app content has been uniquely prepared by Sydney Criminal Lawyers' experienced team of lawyers, ensuring the most accurate, up-to-date and helpful information.

Also included are over 100 short videos about a range of legal topics which bring valuable knowledge about the law and legal rights to everyone's fingertips, all free of charge.

For more information about the NSW Pocket Lawyer app, or to arrange a free conference with an experienced lawyer, contact Sydney Criminal Lawyers' expert defence team 24/7 on (02) 9261 8881 or via email at info@criminallaw.com.au

A high resolution media kit is available at http://www.sydneycriminallawyers.com.au/media-centre/apps/nsw-pocket-lawyer/ for journalists wishing to access app related images.

Source: http://www.sydneycriminallawyers.com.au/media-centre/media-releases/nsw-pocket-lawyer-app-launched/