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Clearwater Filters + National Water Week

Last month Australia marked their National Water Week and environmentalists were busy spreading the word on this extremely important resource and what it means for the country. National Water Week is now in its 20th year and is not slowing down anytime soon. This year, the event's theme was 'Water Sources’, with the organisers’ goal being to educate Aussies on where their water comes from and how the public can utilise these resources in a safe and efficient way. To this end, one of the most efficient ways to utilise, and in turn save water is to install a water filtration system in the office, or at home which is where Clearwater Filter Systems comes in. Clearwater is the leader in both commercial and residential water filtration, with more than 30,000 water systems installed to date.

As the summer warms up, many Australian businesses and communities may wonder how they can save water during the warmer months. The country's warm, dry climate often makes it difficult to conserve much-needed water, especially during dry summers and for those who are trying to reduce their office's water use, instead of offering their employees bottled water, it is recommended they install a water filtration system from Clearwater Filter Systems. These systems simply help purify already clean, recycled municipal water. Cities' water systems are designed for maximum efficiency and, as a bonus, we will all avoid wasting plastic, therefore contributing towards being environmentally friendly as well.

From the National Water Week website this year we learnt that we get safe, healthy water from a number of sources but Australia also harvests water from surface and groundwater sources. Surface water comes from streams, lakes and rivers, while groundwater is extracted from underground aquifers. In certain regions of Australia where rainfall is scarce, residents get their H2O from the ocean. Doing this involves an intensive desalination process by which salt is removed from the water.

In light of this special weeklong event  Clearwater Filter Systems recommend that people may want to increase water conservation awareness around their office and set a good example for employees by implementing a few techniques that minimise water waste, including checking for leaks and, of course, having a water filtration system installed. Avoid wasting bottled water by utilising tap water resources so for more information please go to http://www.clearwaterfilters.com.au .