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Learning to Love Your Body to Reach Your Goals Faster

Taking time to treat your body the way it’s meant to be treated is a step towards wellness.

Perth, WA, 8 December 2014 – For those who may have slacked off their exercise regimen during winter and are feeling down about it, it’s important to learn the art of self-appreciation, says Michelle Monks, manager of the Warwick Women’s Workout at Perth’s Warwick Leisure Centre.
“The first step to forgiving yourself and making positive changes is to write down your wellbeing goals – what do you want to achieve and what needs to change,” Monks says. “You should take note of the amount and quality of sleep you get each night; your diet; and your stress and energy levels. Then write down how you plan to achieve those changes. Seeing your goals in print makes it easier to follow through.”
Monks reminds women to be realistic when trying to achieve health or wellness goals, that such changes aren’t going to be felt or seen immediately. Knowing that change is a gradual process is much more realistic.
“Another way is to learn to love yourself including your body,” Monks says. “It might sound silly, but being good to yourself is critical on the road to change. You’re more likely to stick to fitness or nutritional goals if you realise your self-worth. Make a point of telling yourself daily that you are smart, strong, intelligent, and you deserve respect and the very best you can get out of life.”
Monks points again to the power of the written word. Writing down goals, including a visual of the ‘perfect you,’ helps keep women on track. Positive reinforcement, when documented, is a potent reminder of what can be.
“Loving yourself and your body go hand in hand. Find the things that already appeal about yourself physically, and embrace them.”

It’s important too, she says to be kind to your body by having a good relationship with food, and that includes eating healthfully. Staying away from chemically enhanced, GM and processed foods is good for both the body and mind. “Listen to your body – it will always tell you how it feels, and you should follow through with what makes it feel its best. Cutting out the things like caffeine, sugar or fatty foods – the things that drag it down – is the same thing as purging negative emotions.”

One more way for women to jumpstart a positive relationship with themselves is to learn to say ‘no’ to outside demands. “You have to learn to give yourself a break once in a while. If you overdo, your immune system can be compromised,” Monks says. “You don’t always have to go to that party or volunteer or be the centre of everyone’s world at all times. If your body is exhausted, it needs rest, and you should heed that warning.”

Monks concludes, “Hopefully some of these suggestions will inspire women to take charge of their emotions regarding their bodies and minds.”

The staff at Warwick Women’s Workout, Perth’s premier women-exclusive fitness facility, are glad to help you attain your fitness and health goals. Please contact gym manager Michelle Monks and join us in better health. View their web page at http://www.warwickwomensworkout.com.au or contact them at (08) 9342 9028.