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From bathroom to boardroom & everything in between, ManBrand Shave Club launch New Website.

MELBOURNE, VIC Jan. 07, 2015 Today, ManBrand Shave Club Australia announces the new e-commerce site – selling premium men’s shaving memberships on-line.

Razors and shaving products have been a staple in the male bathroom for decades, consumers have been the primary target by big brand razor companies and retail channels with little variation on customer engagement, service or price. ManBrand entered the men’s grooming market in 2015 to compete on removing the traditional distribution overheads and incorporating social media as a preferred advertising over the big budget TV and celebrity endorsement price tags.

Traditional Men’s grooming and shaving brands operate on a push to market basis. Manufacturers operate outside Australia and there are multiple layers of vendors, marketing and packaging costs that are absorbed by the final retail product price passing directly to the consumer to pay.

Jonathon Miller CMC Director - ManBrand Shave Club “We launched our company for the Australian Man, men of all ages are spending $20-25 each month on supermarket brand razor products”. “Our Shave Club members save between (AU$100-$220) per annum depending on their preferred razor plan and their individual grooming routine”.  

“We found big brand razor companies had little flexibility to compete between their market offer, so they are left fighting over base product features, fancy packaging and retail shelf space. Frequently the companies entice, aid or persuade their buyer’s decisions using “New Tech” buzzwords. “ManBrand don’t sell battery assisted vibrating razor heads and laser guided trimmers or stability and wavelength control, we filled a market gap offering a delivery service appealing to our community and online audience.”

“Our customers are smart savvy shoppers, we connect via social media blogs, newsrooms and Electronic Direct Mail (EDM’s), Facebook, Google+ and twitter. We chose to translate that voice into a functional service that people would want to become part of”. “We realise the value in our social network, ultimately it’s our customers who decide if our razors, and service are hot or not”.


About ManBrand Shave Club

ManBrand Shave Club offers a low cost alternative to purchasing premium razors on-line. Members receive a monthly pack delivered free to their door each month.

New Plans Available 2015 - ManBrand Shave Club

·       Revolution three-blade razor (AU$6.50) Per month and includes 4 cartridges

Estimated savings per annum (AU$82.00) Mach 3 equivalent

·       Evolution five-blade razor + trimmer-blade (AU$8.50) Per month and includes 3 cartridges

Estimated savings per annum (AU$195.00) Fusion equivalent

New members are equipped with a free razor handle, a blade pack and information about their ongoing club service. Members can suspend or cancel memberships at any time via there account log-in or contact-us email support. The Razors come with a 100% Rash free Guarantee, if any customer does not agree that their shave was not the best the product could deliver, ManBrand will inquire and provide a direct refund.

For further information about ManBrand Shave Club, visit http://www.manbrand-shaveclub.com.au/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3t1Dzx33Zs