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10,000 ADIA Supporters On Facebook Page

Surpassing the milestone of 10,000 supporters on its Facebook page this week, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), has reinforced its reputation in the not-for-profit sector as a leader in communications management and developing online communities.

“The ADIA Facebook page has become a useful tool for us to engage with the entire dental community on matters of importance to suppliers of dental products.  It’s an effective way to connect with individuals and businesses that, in the normal course of events, ADIA may not normally reach,” said ADIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Troy Williams.

The nation’s peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of products and services to dental professionals is widely recognised across the not-for-profit sector as having strong brand recognition and integrated communications and engagement strategies. 

“With ADIA membership continuing to climb, our policy advocacy demonstrably influencing  the public policy debate and a record attendance at the recent ADX14 Sydney dental exhibition, these achievements share a common link, a strong dental community engagement via the ADIA Facebook page,” Mr Williams said.

ADIA’s communication strategy uses Facebook to build brand awareness and reinforce more traditional marketing channels such as direct mail.

“However, in many ways Facebook is more useful for ADIA as this tool allows us to assess audience demographic metrics and determine the messages each sector in the dental community responds to,” Mr Williams said.

In 2015 ADIA celebrates its ninetieth anniversary and the success of the Facebook page is viewed as a marker of the positive progression of the association through its long history.

“That ADIA enjoys a reputation as being an effective user of social media tools reflects our ability to continually evolve as a membership-based organisation,” Mr Williams concluded.

ADIA’s Facebook page can be viewed online at www.facebook.com/dental.industry