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Research Proves that Pets Increase Lifespan and Well-Being

Announcement posted by Tall Trees Care Communities 22 Jan 2015

Co-founder of alternative to aged care in Brisbane and Gold Coast areas provides readers with empirical proof on the benefits of pet ownership.
Australia, 22 January 2015 - At Tall Trees Care Communities, they have encouraged their homeowners and residents to have pets from the day they broke ground for their first community. The co-founders know about research indicating that pets have a positive effect on their owners and wanted their residents to have as high a quality of life as possible.

From time to time, co-founder Phil Usher has referred to pet studies on his company blog. Recently, though, he found a resource that references 150 studies and articles, all of which indicate that pets have a positive effect on lifespan, well-being or both. The dates ranged from 1980 to 2013. The resource is a study from the International Federation on Ageing.

The study from the International Federation on Ageing is entitled, “Measuring the Benefits: Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons.” They found numerous studies about companion animals and the elderly. Tall Trees Care Communities focused on five studies from Australia, Canada and the US that specifically covered the physical benefits of having a pet.

The Five Studies

A study in 1980 found that those under cardiac care had a higher one-year survival rate than those who didn’t have pets. A study in 1992 found that cholesterol levels and blood pressure were lower in elderly pet owners than those who didn’t own pets. A study of US stockbrokers with hypertension in 2001 noted that those with pets suffered less from elevated blood pressure due to stress than their petless counterparts.

A 1999 study showed that elderly people who owned pets suffered less decline in their physical ability to perform tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis than those who didn’t have pets. Dog owners were also found in this study to feel that they were more active, had a better sense of purpose and more structure in their lives as a direct result of owning a dog.

An Australian study showed that dog owners get nearly 50% more exercise than those who don’t own a dog.

What It Means to Tall Trees Care Communities

At Tall Trees Care Communities, residents own their homes. It is structured like a hybrid between a retirement community and an aged care facility with what they feel is the “best of both worlds.” Co-founder Phil Usher has championed the cause of residents owning pets from the beginning. According to Mr Usher:

“When we started the first Tall Trees Care Community, we were well aware of plenty of the studies referenced in the International Federation on Ageing report. We knew that we were going to not only allow pets but encourage them. Pet ownership is a way that our residents can be happier and healthier. We are always in favour of anything that enhances our residents’ quality of life.”

Tall Trees Care Communities provide an alternative to traditional aged care in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. They specialise in providing high-quality, compassionate care to the elderly while preserving and nurturing their independence. To learn more about Tall Trees Care Communities or to arrange a trial visit, call (07) 3442 9378 or visit their website: http://www.talltrees.net.au/.