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Providers of Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods Warn: “Don’t Make These Mistakes.”

Custom stainless steel fabricators from Perth reveal why selection and maintenance are crucial for the safety and lifespan of commercial exhaust hoods.

Perth, WA, 22 January 2015 - Commercial exhaust hoods are made of stainless steel for a reason. They combine high durability, high corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and resistance to extreme heat. That makes them the safest and most sanitary option for their main use: commercial kitchens.

Western Stainless Solutions is a firm which provides custom design stainless steel installation and is located in the Perth area. Recently, on their company blog, they provided a guide to selecting, cleaning and maintaining commercial stainless steel exhaust hoods.

Stainless steel exhaust hoods are custom fabricated in various sizes and shapes, depending upon the characteristics of the facility in which they are being installed. Most commercial kitchens, especially those with medium to high volume, use a vented exhaust hood. The vented exhaust hood draws air from the facility and sends it through a series of ducts until it is transported to the outdoors.

In smaller facilities that don’t use appliances such as fryers, grills and charcoal broilers, ventless hoods can be installed. Ventless hoods draw the air through a filter or filters on the interior of the hood, clean the air and send it back into the kitchen.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods

The interior of a vented exhaust hood must be cleaned professionally and on a regular basis. The interval between cleaning is according to manufacturer’s recommendations and can vary in time from as long as six months to as short as one month, depending on usage.

The higher volume a kitchen produces, the more often the exhaust hood should be cleaned. Kitchens that produce more grease and smoke necessitate more frequent cleaning of the exhaust hood.

Unvented exhaust hoods have charcoal filters. These filters are usually available at appliance stores and should be replaced often. As in the case of cleaning a vented exhaust hood, the frequency will be dependent upon the use and volume in the kitchen along with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Health Regulations and Symptoms of Insufficient Cleaning

Any buildup of mould or bacteria can compromise the health of staff and customers. Most local councils have health regulations governing the frequency of cleaning commercial exhaust hoods to ensure the health of their citizens. If a hood is not cleaned frequently enough, bacteria and/or mould can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Fabrication and Installation of Exhaust Hoods

Paul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, who provide custom design stainless steel installation in the Perth area, has personally overseen numerous stainless steel exhaust hood installations, from creation to cleanup.

According to Mr Bartlett: “It is essential to get everything perfect with any stainless steel project, but especially in restaurants. In restaurants, as in medical facilities, sanitation is extremely important. One slip-up can result in people getting sick and a business being lost.”

Mr Bartlett concluded, “That is why we always get everything perfect the first time.”
Western Stainless Solutions are stainless steel fabricators from Perth. They provide custom design stainless steel installation for the hospitality, medical, mining, commercial, industrial and mechanical industries. To learn more or to enquire about a project, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: http://www.westernstainless.com.au/.