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Clearwater Filters Lead The Way In Providing Fresh, Cool, Filtered Water

Here we are at the start of the new year 2015, full of great’ new year’s resolutions’ and, as usual, one of these will always be getting fit and healthy and taking better care of our general health. This is usually easier said than done but it need not be so difficult as it is a well-known fact that drinking water is one of the best ways to achieve ultimate health and fitness – it’s as simple as that, and Clearwater Filters have the easiest way to take in lots of health-giving fresh, filtered water.

There is no better way to combat our long Australian summer than with filtered, chilled water and sparkling water on tap. Zip ChillTap delivers both from a single, stylishly-designed, stainless-steel tap that sits neatly in your indoor or outdoor kitchen. Experts advise a regular intake of fluids during out hottest months so, save on fridge space and save on those expensive plastic bottles by installing a Zip ChillTap today. Summer in Australia is our peak time for entertainment, so why not share the convenience of filtered, chilled and sparkling water on demand with family and friends today.

Along with the obvious health benefits of drinking water in the home, there are also discernible benefits to having a water cooler in the office, allowing people to take a break from their work, go for a small walk to refuel and often to have a social interaction with their co-workers to break up a busy, stressful day. Filtered water can be part of a workplace health incentive to encourage staff members to make healthy choices and workplaces can promote healthy living by offering healthy alternatives, such as clean, chilled water. Drinking filtered water throughout the day can increase brain activity, as the brain requires hydration in order to function at an optimal level. This can only be good for employers and employees alike.

Clearwater Filters’ experienced installation team of licenced plumbers ensures complete peace of mind when installing any drinking water system and their plumbing work is guaranteed for ten years, a certainty that won't be found from "back-yard" operators, with prices that are too good to be true. Trusting a company with your drinking water shouldn't be taken lightly, and with over 25 years in the business, Clearwater Filters is the smart choice. Their under-bench filters are the most effective way to keep things pure and simple, providing great tasting water glass after glass but with this new Zip ChillTap Sparkling, delivering both filtered, chilled water and sparkling water on tap, Clearwater Filters have the Australian summer covered.

For further information please go to http://www.clearwaterfilters.co.au .