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IndustryFriend looks to change the B2B landscape in 2015

New Australian B2B launches online with over 550,000 products

Just launched, IndustryFriend is planning to revolutionize B2B supply in 2015 by offering over 550,000 products at low prices to meet the operational needs of Australian industry. The products on offer cater to a wide range of industries, from hospitality to mining, and everything in between. Giving customers the choice and variety associated with over 4,500 brands in one spot, puts IndustryFriend right amongst the pack-leaders of Australian industrial supply.

“From the very beginning our goal was to adopt a retail ease-of-use philosophy on our site. but give you easy access to all the products a businesses needs but sometimes don’t know where to get!” says Karl Wyzenbeek, owner and founder of IndustryFriend.

That being said, it’s not just about having all the brands in place. IndustryFriend has also released a number of key innovations to help it stand out from the crowd. Customers can chat to the customer service team live online to ensure that there is no delay in getting the information they need, and making confident and informed buying decisions.

The instant online quote feature is also sure to be another big hit. “We know that sometimes it’s not just about saving money, but saving time as well! Waiting for quotes is a big time-waster for Australian companies. We have simplified this with our instant quote function” says Wyzenbeek.

Other online innovations include the “My Account” user profile system, which stores a customer’s order history, including quotes and invoices, for easy access at any time.  All products also have live pricing and lead times so customers have a good idea of how long an item will take to deliver.  This also extends to after-sale care, with the site providing routine updates to customers through to the completion of their order.

“This is something new” says Wyzenbeek. “We are purely online. We are purely trying to assist business. We don’t have the overheads of bricks and mortar stores. We don’t have the overheads of a sales force. Our price is always right!”

A successful business is more than just pricing. An emphasis on customer service is a core principle of IndustryFriend, hence the name. Setting out to put the customer first meant ensuring that IndustryFriend had, not just the greatest range, but also the support to back it up. Based out of Sydney, Australia, the customer service team is available to assist online, over the phone or via email. IndustryFriend focuses on making sure that customers receive a response quickly and efficiently.  If the experience is good, why look elsewhere!?

It’s about making sure Australian businesses save time, money and energy. If we can give you the best price, the biggest range, the fastest lead times, and outstanding levels of customer’s service, we believe you will want to come back,” says Wyzenbeek.

2015 might just be the year we begin to see more and more businesses buying online, just like your average modern shopper. If you are responsible for purchasing for your organization, maybe IndustryFriend could be the answer you are looking for.