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Pacific Access appoints i2 for e-catalogue software platform

Leading Australian advertising, information and directories business, Pacific Access Pty Ltd, today announced the appointment of supply chain management leader, i2 Technologies, for the software platform for a new Pacific Access service aimed at businesses and governments.

The licence agreement with i2 gives Pacific Access the right to use i2's content management and syndication software, i2 Content, for Pacific Access' proposed e-catalogues service. The software will allow Pacific Access to develop online catalogues by helping companies clean, organise and manage product and supplier information for more efficient procurement and supply chain management. This technology will also let suppliers update their e-catalogue content and syndicate it easily to a variety of sites, including market exchanges and client electronic procurement systems.

Pacific Access' e-catalogue product will include collection, creation, classification, management and publishing services, along with the production of electronic, commerce-ready, searchable catalogues.

Pacific Access' General Manager - Business Services, Mr. Robert Rath, said the agreement was a good fit for both Pacific Access and i2.

"The agreement with i2 represents a major part of Pacific Access' e-business strategy in reducing the technology and cost barriers that have hindered supplier uptake of online procurement. It also provides us with the tools and technology to capture content once, and then syndicate it to many sites.

"The benefit of digitising business content is in developing a single repository; an e-catalogue. The e-catalogue contains data that can be easily accessed by everyone in the organisation and all members of the supply chain. The value of the e-catalogue service is that it offers cost savings and reduced search time, giving customers an easy entry into online procurement.

Our e-catalogue product will enable businesses to showcase their products electronically - offering them a classification structure in which to place data, including rich elements like photos or document attachments. The service is also able to classify and group suppliers for large organisations, such as government departments, and can be incorporated into corporate electronic procurement systems.

"Significantly, the deal also enhances Pacific Access' Yellow Pages OnLine offering, with a planned incorporation of i2's software into the site."

i2 Managing Director - Australia and New Zealand, Mr. Rodney Boyle, said the deal represented a key part of i2's growth strategy for Australia, and reflected the company's global business model.

"With over 200 i2 Content implementations to date, we were keen to bring our content expertise to the Australian market. i2 was actively seeking an alliance in the content provider space, with strong connections to local businesses who could help deliver the value of standardised supply chain content. Pacific Access is an excellent fit for this," Mr Boyle said.

"Content management provides companies with a common language, necessary to enable all members of a supply chain to communicate clearly and accurately about products and suppliers. An essential part of effective supply chain management is the flow of information between participants. As leaders in supply chain management, i2 feels that it is very important that companies understand the value of effective content management."

The deal is for a period of three years, with a provision for renewal for a further three years by mutual agreement. Financial terms of the agreement are confidential.

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