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How Buzzooki is revolutionizing fast casual dining

Customer paging in restaurants goes mobile

SYDNEY, AU—February 17, 2015— Life was never meant to be easy in the restaurant trade but if Customer Paging specialist Buzzooki has their way, a new mobile product may just make things a little easier.

“Everybody sees a busy restaurant and thinks they must be raking it in” says Drew Seitam, Buzzooki’s Co-Founder and CEO, “but that’s often not the case and small changes can make a huge difference to whether a restaurant dies or thrives.”

Seitam says that the restaurant industry is undergoing a structural shift toward higher volume fast casual dining to increase profitability. “The ones that are doing really well are focusing on great but fast service, increasing table turns and controlling their costs. That’s where Buzzooki can help.”

Buzzooki is a Customer Paging system not unlike the ubiquitous electronic pagers seen around the world but with one important difference: there’s no hardware to buy. Buzzooki is delivered in the form of a web-based console for the restaurant and a free app for their customers. When a customer orders they’re asked for their mobile number. Buzzooki SMS’s the order number to the customer with an invitation to download the Buzzooki app. When the customer’s food is ready, the cashier hits a button on the console and an alert is sent to the customer to pick up their food.

Graham Carey, Buzzooki’s Co-Founder and CTO said “The really big thing about Buzzooki is that it doesn't matter whether or not the customer follows the instruction in the SMS. If they do, great! The app is the best way to use Buzzooki but if they don’t download we’ll just SMS them again when their meal is ready. Either way, the customer gets their order and the restaurant has saved money on both staffing costs and electronic pagers.”

“Electronic pagers can cost thousands to set up and labour is one of the restaurant’s biggest costs. Buzzooki can make a big difference”, Seitam added.

Buzzooki costs $USD19.99 per month per restaurant plus 10 cents per SMS. The app is free to customers.

About Buzzooki

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Buzzooki is a leading Customer Paging system for fast casual restaurants, pubs, cafes and pharmacies. Buzzooki saves businesses money by reducing staff costs and eliminating the need for electronic pager hardware. Buzz your customers with Buzzooki. For additional information about Buzzooki, visit http://www.buzzooki.com.